Now a ‘Grey’s’ Regular, Raver Will “Add a Lot of Heat”

Kim Raver on Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

Kim Raver on Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

Iraq war vet Dr. Teddy Altman’s tour through Seattle has been extended, now that Kim Raver has been upgraded to series regular status on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ says the Hollywood Reporter.

Raver, an alumna of such shows as ‘24‘ and ‘Lipstick Jungle,’ made her ‘Grey’s’ debut earlier this season as a former Army colleague of Dr. Hunt’s. The cardiac super-surgeon’s arrival – coupled with her ardent and just-revealed interest in Owen – set the stage for a possible romantic triangle.

Owen, however, made his intentions clear by (seemingly) snuffing the torch Teddy is carrying with a chilly harangue and then reassuring Cristina of his love with a searing lip lock.

Regardless, when ‘Grey’s’ returns on January 14, the behavior of Raver’s woman rebuffed will “add a lot of heat” to Owen’s storyline, Kevin McKidd told Fancast.

In the last episode, “I don’t think Owen ‘made his choice’ – I didn’t ever see it as a choice, because he always knew what he wanted – but he made it very clear to Teddy where the line in the sand was,” says McKidd. “Now he’s worried and concerned that she’s operating in a way that could do more damage because she… has conflicting emotions.”

“Owen doesn’t want patients being affected by possible personal grievances or issues,” McKidd adds. “His main concern is that all this messy stuff is getting in the way of their care.”

With Raver now a series regular, could a romantic triangle still be in the cards? McKidd addresses that very question – and much more – in our in-depth Q&A, coming next week.

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