‘How I Met Your Mother’: Should Jennifer Aniston Be The Mother?

If it were up to recent People’s Choice winner and ‘How I Met Your Mother‘ star Alyson Hannigan, the great mystery of the mother on the show would already be solved.

“I’d love to work with Jennifer Aniston. I keep hoping she’s the mom,” Hannigan told us at a Paley Center event in Los Angeles Thursday night to celebrate the show’s 100th episode airing this Monday.

We also had a chance to talk to Creator and Executive Producer Carter Bays about Carrie Underwood’s upcoming role on the show. “She’s one of these girls who Ted cannot get a read on,” Bays teased. “Ted is really hung up on her but she has no idea where he stands. He is obsessed with landing her but he should probably just cut and run.”

The episode is entitled ‘Hooked’ and according to Bays, “It’s all about being on the hook for someone.”

So why did they choose country superstar Carrie Underwood? “We needed someone that the character of Ted would be “completely smitten by,” joked Bays. “So that’s Josh [Radnor]’s acting challenge for next week.”

We’re sure it won’t be too much of a stretch for the actor.

While on the subject of romance, we also chatted with Carter about the Robin/Barney relationship. Cobie Smulders recently told the NY Post, “Doesn’t anyone else think this is weird? If you actually sleep with your ex-boyfriend’s best friend, there are bound to be more serious repercussions!”

Carter told us, “We’re going to sort of address that. It’s like how many groups of friends out there that the one girl has dated two of the guys in the group? It’s a strange situation and we’re going to see her grappling with that in the second half of the season.”

Indeed, the second half of ‘HIMYM’ looks to be an exciting one with guest stars including Amanda Peet, and Neil Patrick Harris taking on the director’s chair for episode 101.

As for the mother mystery, let’s just say Rachel Bilson’s character brings Ted a few degrees closer to his true love on Monday.

Watch a preview of the special 100th episode below.

Don’t miss the 100th Episode of How I Met Your Mother, ‘Girls vs. Suits,’ this Monday, Jan. 11 at 8/7c on CBS.

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