Limited Release: Tim Allen is ‘Crazy,’ Matthew Broderick is ‘Wonderful’

Here’s what’s opening in selected theaters across the country, and as David Letterman always says, we just pray to God that your city has been selected. Tim Allen’s offering a goofball comedy called Crazy On The Outside, while Matthew Broderick brings us his low-key love story Wonderful World. Take a closer look at these films below.

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Crazy On The Outside
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Tim Allen directs and stars in this comedy about an ex-con trying to make good, even though the odds are stacked against him. He reunites with his Galaxy Quest co-star Sigourney Weaver, playing his pathological-liar sister who, along with her husband J.K. Simmons, takes him in. His ex-partner Ray Liotta keeps trying to lead him back into crime, while his ex-girlfriend Julie Bowen is pulling crazy shenanigans on him, and he might actually be falling for Jeanne Tripplehorn, his hard-nosed probation officer.

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Wonderful World
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Matthew Broderick stars as a sullen divorced father who has given up on goodness in his life, but when his Senegalese friend lapses into a diabetic coma, he meets and takes in his sister (Sanaa Lathan) and finds with her some kind of happiness he’d thought impossible.

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