What To Watch: Friday

TOP PICK:Shark Tank‘ (9pm ET on ABC)

The air in the Shark Tank gets emotionally charged when a heated debate between the Sharks and a husband and wife team from Glen Allen, Virginia are asked to clarify the actual value of their successful childcare business. The Sharks are impressed with a delicious salad dressing mix created by a chef from Folsom, California, but their delight turns to concern when they learn she suffered a big financial loss when asked to remove her offensive packaging from shelves.

KEY EPISODE:Dollhouse‘ (9pm ET on Fox)

Topher races to reconstruct Echo’s original personality and memories when Adelle realizes they are the key to adverting a devastating future. Meanwhile, Echo and Bennett’s shared past and the identity of the Rossum’s Corpration’s mysterious leader are revealed.

WATCH:Medium‘ (9pm ET on CBS)

The police hunt a serial killer targeting innocent women, but when the prime suspect dies, his ghost contacts Allison to clear his name, contact his girlfriend and maybe help the investigation. Also, Joe’s boss asks him to critique his new novel.

DVR:Numb3rs‘ (10pm ET on CBS)

Don and the team try their luck at investigating the theft of scratch-off lottery tickets, but the stakes are raised when one of the culprits killed at a botched robbery turns out to be a former lottery winner.

DVR:Supernanny‘ (8pm ET on ABC)

Greg Benton is a dad who wants his boys to be tough, and he prizes physical strength and overall fitness in them. But his sons, Rivers, age 10, and Hunter, age 8, fight daily, with Rivers instigating Hunter, and the house is filled with yelling and empty threats, so the boys continue their pattern.

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