ABC News’ Bianna Golodryga DWI Arrest Revealed

Bianna Golodryga Then & Now (New York Daily News)

Bianna Golodryga Then & Now (New York Daily News)

It’s been a rough week for Beltway Golden Couple Bianna Golodryga and Peter Orszag.

On Wednesday, the newly engaged pair faced the embarrassing New York Post headline, “White House Budget Director Ditched Pregnant Girlfriend for ABC News Gal.”

That scandal, “The worst-kept secret in the history of Washington,” according to Orszag’s brother Jon, likely led to this gem being dug up by the New York Daily News: Golodryga’s mug shot.

The ABC news reporter was arrested for driving while intoxicated back in May 2000, soon after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin (and apparently before having a wee bit of plastic surgery).

The charge was eventually dismissed. Golodryga pleaded no contest to reckless driving and received a suspended 30-day jail sentence.

But ABC is standing by their reporter, calling Golodryga, now 31, a “class act.”

“Everyone at ABC News adores Bianna and hardly thinks that this is much cause for any concern all these years later,” said ABC spokesman Jeffrey Schneider. “She’s a wonderful journalist who has a brilliant and bright career ahead of her.”

ABC’s ‘Money Honey’ announced her engagement to White House budget director Peter Orszag on Dec. 29th, and the couple reportedly plans to tie the knot this October.

Orszag, 41, admitted this week he has a love child with his ex-girlfriend, Claire Milonas, a 39-year-old venture capitalist and shipping heiress, who gave birth to Tatiana Zoe on Nov. 17th. He also has two children from a previous marriage.

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