‘NCIS’ Season Finale Preview: Your First Clue!



Sure, it’s barely midseason. Yet it’s never too early to procure from ‘NCIS‘ executive producer Shane Brennan some provocative intel about the season finale.

After all, this is the guy who two seasons ago unexpectedly killed off Director Jenny Shepard and then handed Gibbs a brand-new team.

Brennan is the savvy storyteller who last May left Ziva for pretty damn close-to-dead.

How can he possibly match, let alone top, those jaw-dropping closers? For Season 7’s big sendoff, what else is there to do?

“What else is there to do? Watch the season finale,” Brennan teases with a knowing twinkle in his eye.

Actually, you may not need to sweat out the next four months. Brennan tells me that the most attentive of ‘NCIS’ viewers already have a hint as to what he has planned for his next season-ending shocker.

“The people who really watch the show, I can tell them right now that they have already seen the beginnings of the last episode,” Brennan says. “We have already started the last episode – so let them puzzle over that.

That the mastermind behind TV’s most watched scripted series so deftly seeded his season finale storyline somewhere within the first 11 episodes should be no surprise, given his philosophy on mapping out story arcs.

“If you [as an executive producer] get nervous toward the end of the season, you’re not doing your job,” he says. “Really, you need to be planning it out earlier than that. Luckily, we’ve got a bunch of creative writers who sit around and dream this stuff up.”

So, ‘NCIS’ superfans, any early thoughts on what it is that you’ve already seen that will tee up the season finale?

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