Alyssa Milano Talks White-Hot ‘Castle’ Romance

Milano and Fillion embrace. (ABC)

Milano and Fillion embrace. (ABC)

One wedding and a funeral kicks off this Monday’s episode of ‘Castle‘ (ABC, 10/9c), when charmed one Alyssa Milano guest stars as an old – yet far from snuffed – flame of New York City’s most eligible author. Will Castle and his ex start a new chapter in their romance? If so, might he find himself canoodling with a killer? Milano shared a look at what’s to come, previewed her ‘Romantically Challenged’ future, and theorized on why the boys are still gaga for Samantha Micelli.

Is your ‘Castle’ appearance meant to whet our appetites for your upcoming ABC sitcom ‘Romantically Challenged’?
Well, the characters are very, very different. I think that people will be very pleased with the ‘Castle’ episode. It’s great.

Why didn’t things work out the first time around for Kyra and Castle? I mean, he’s Nathan Fillion and you’re the equally cool Alyssa Milano!
I know, it seems like it should work, right? No, I think they were too young. They were college sweethearts, and at the time they were together Castle was fresh off his first bestseller…. Their lives just went in different directions.

Will we see that he’s been carrying a little torch for you?
Yeah, you’ll definitely see that both of us never really got over each other.

How does their reunion affect the case Castle’s working on?
The case he’s working on involves one of my bridesmaids getting killed the day of my wedding, which is a major bummer. [Laughs] Most people have to worry about their wedding cake showing up….

And for the bridesmaid, the dress was probably bad enough. She then gets killed in it.
Exactly. But Beckett is very, very concerned that Castle is too close to the case and not seeing things clearly.

Is Beckett’s behavior affected as well?
She definitely gets a little jealous. I think I can say that.

Hmm. She thinks you’re the killer, doesn’t she?
Um, yeah! There is a point where there is speculation that Kyra is the killer.

I follow you on Twitter, and frankly I never know what you’re going to Tweet about next – sports, an inspirational message, a worthy charity, technology news….
When I first joined Twitter I wound up Following a lot of social media mavens. I didn’t really know what I was doing so I sort of molded my Tweeting based on things they Tweeted that I really liked. I try not to be too narcissistic about it and do too much self-promotion; instead I use it as a platform to get cool things out there. I believe that’s where the power of Twitter lies.

What’s the bullet on ABC’s ‘Romantically Challenged’? What’s it about, who do you play?
It’s about a group of friends who are romantically challenged. It is a traditional sitcom in the sense that it is a multi-cam, but Ricky Blitt from ‘Family Guy’ is our executive producer….

Oh boy.
Exactly. [Laughs] That’s what makes it so fun – the comedic sensibility is a lot edgier than any traditional sitcom. I really think it’s going to be special. I mean, our cast is outstanding. We’ve got Kyle Bornheimer (‘Worst Week’), Josh Lawson, who’s a very talented Australian comedic actor, Kelly Stables from ‘Two and a Half Men’…. My character is a woman with a 12-year-old and a 9-year-old….

I can hear the people reading this: “Samantha Micelli has a 12-year-old?”
I know! There’s actually a line in the first episode where I say, “I had them young.” We start work January 22 and might premiere in April, though nothing’s official yet.

Tell me, why is it that any time I’ve reported on your real-life romances, engagement or wedding, a chorus of male commenters show up to lament their broken hearts. Why do you think they have carried these mini-crushes – because you’re a hot girl who digs sports and has a big heart?
No, I think it’s because, as I always say, I’m like the eternal cousin, because I “grew up” in these people’s home [with roles on ‘Who’s the Boss?’ and ‘Charmed’], which is really very lovely. There’s more of a familiarity than with crushing on someone who isn’t “accessible.”

Before you go, I was hoping you could help me out with my upcoming fantasy baseball draft.
In what position? Where are you at?

Well for starters, I’m in an AL-only league.
Oh really? I’m more of a NL girl, so…. Sorry!

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