Kitsch Sits Out Final ‘Friday Night Lights’ Season

Taylor Kitsch of 'Friday Night Lights' (NBC)

Taylor Kitsch of 'Friday Night Lights' (NBC)

If you dig yourself some Riggins, the final season of ‘Friday Night Lights‘ is going to leave you wanting more.

Although Taylor Kitsch is on board as a series regular for Season 4 – which is now playing on DIRECTV and could hit NBC as soon as March – his blossoming big-screen career will force Riggins to sit out most of the following cycle, which is expected to be the acclaimed series’ last.

“Taylor is shooting a movie (the sci-fi fantasy ‘John Carter of Mars’) and it doesn’t work out with his schedule to have him on as a series regular for [Season 5],” ‘FNL’ exec producer Jason Katims tells E! Online.

That’s not to say that ‘FNL’s swan song will be 100-percent Riggins-free. In addition to trying to have Kitsch appear here and there, Katims says, “We are planning to have him come back toward the end of the season.”

Riggins, of course, opted to skip college, so he’s still a presence in Dillon during Season 4. How will his conspicuous absence be accounted for come Season 5? Katims won’t confirm speculation that some shady dealings will land Riggins behind bars for a stint. Instead, he tells, “You’ll just have to watch.”

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