7 Reasons to Set Your Sights on ‘Human Target’

Mark Valley Is a 'Human Target' (Fox)

Mark Valley Is a 'Human Target' (Fox)

This Sunday at 8/7c, Fox premieres ‘Human Target,’ its new action-drama inspired by the DC Comics series about an elite bodyguard (‘Fringe‘s Mark Valley) who goes to nearly superhuman lengths to protect his client. Following its launch, ‘Human Target’ will settle into a cozy Wednesdays-at-8 time slot. If you have any qualms about getting caught up in another freshman series, consider the following:

It’s Valley’s Time to Peak: The masses weren’t keen on ‘Keen Eddie’ and his ‘Fringe’ run demanded to be trimmed, so it’s time for Mark Valley to feel the love. Just look at the guy – would you trust anyone else but Christopher Chance to bodyguard your bacon? And ladies, wouldn’t you be satisfied just to have him hold you real, real close?

It’s Very Explodey: The premiere alone levels an office building and a super-expensive means of transportation. Add to that much derring-do, leaping, running, ducking, hand-to-hand combat and old school gunplay, and you’ve got a recipe for must-see popcorn TV.

Chi McBride Doesn’t Want Your Love: Having previously been a part of such undersampled critical darlings as ‘Pushing Daisies,’ McBride (who plays one of Chance’s two trusted associates) has urged the press to “like us, don’t love us,” thus ostensibly improving ‘Human Target’s chance for longevity. Brilliant line; sound strategy.

Jackie Earle Haley Is the Coolness: As Guerrero, Chance’s other right-hand man, Oscar nominee Haley (‘Little Children‘) brings to TV a special kind of computer wonk – the kind that will set down his laptop and kick your ass if you give him any gruff.

Fab Femmes Galore: ‘Human Target’ is poised to be quite the weekly showcase for visiting actresses. Getting the series off to a sizzling start is ‘Battlestar Galactica‘s Tricia Helfer, playing Chance’s first client. She’s followed by Courtney Ford (‘Dexter’), Kristin Lehman (‘Judging Amy’) and, for multiple episodes, Emmanuelle Vaugier (‘Two and a Half Men’) as a G-woman to be reckoned with. That’s just the beginning.

Credits Where Credit Is Due: The start of each ‘Human Target’ episode includes these things called “opening credits” – and pretty cool ones at that. Pull up a chair, Sonny, and I’ll spin you a yarn about the olden days, when every TV show had them thar magical photographs with words ‘n’ music!

Watch, or Jack Bauer Will Find You and Hurt You: With its Sunday bow, it’s up to ‘Human Target’ to set the table for ‘24‘s own two-hour season opener. If Jack sees that not enough eyeballs are watching come 9 p.m.… well, we hope you can run. Fast.

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