Sci Fi Tracker – This Week in Sci Fi: ‘Supernatural’s Lucky Number 6(66)? ‘Torchwood’ to Tour U.S.? And ‘V’ Orders Up More Moral Ambiguity!

Supernatural (The CW)

Supernatural (The CW)

This week in sci fi: will Supernatural‘s Winchesters live to slay another day? Will Torchwood touch down on Yankee shores – and recruit Captain Mal while there? (Oh please, oh please.) Was Tennant tentative about relinquishing the keys to the Tardis? These questions, and more, will be answered below. (Not answered thoroughly, however, since TV news always trades largely in rumors.)

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Required Reading for ‘Doctor’ Devotees

Over at I09 is a preview of Russell T. Davies’ book, which includes plenty of behind-the-scenes dish on his final days as the Exec Producer and main scribe for the Tennant-era Doctor Who. Amongst the revelations: Tennant was tentative about leaving when he did, and that Woman who kept interrupting Wilfred’s regularly scheduled TV programming in ‘The End of Time’ was meant to be none other than the good doctor’s mother.

Check out the full article in SFX Magazine, or better yet, partake of Davies’ tale at a Kindle near you.

Captain Jack, Meet Captain Mal……..

…..then throw in some Captain Morgan, and who knows what will happen. Because we are, after all, talking about Torchwood…….

Continuing with the limey-spawned sci fi (the best kind, IMO) theme, Sci Fi Pulse reported that Torchwood may touch down, at least briefly, in the U.S.. Furthermore, the show may enlist Yanks like Nathan Fillion and Brent Spiner in the war between aliens and humans, and more importantly, in the war between inter-species snoggers and their uncontrollable urges.

The mere prospect of Nathan Fillion’s recruitment by BBC America’s feel-good (really, really good) omnisexual hit series is one of the rumor mill’s tastier biscuits this week……….

Supernatural’s Season Six?

Will those Winchester boys live to slay in another season of Supernatural? EW’s Ausiello Files says…..maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe. The article includes comments by CW head Dawn Ostroff, who insists Supernatural creator Eric Kripke is “warming” to the idea of season 6. (Five seasons of hellfire are only just now producing a “warming” sensation?)

Still, potentially great news given that the show has yet to show signs of aging. (Yes, making deals with the Devil – and giving him a recurring role in your show, more specifically – is one way to guarantee an eternally youthful glow).

‘Being Human’ To Get The Baseball And Apple Pie Treatment Via Supernatural Scribe

Interestingly, one of Supernatural’s writers, Jeremy Carver, has already made other career plans, or at least additional ones, as highlighted at Sci Fi Wire. He, along with writer wife Anna Fricke, have been given the task of Americanizing (groan) a version of BBC’s Being Human.

Yes, it’s embarrassing that we have to relentlessly plagiarize from our English amigos time and again. However, one might argue that they’ve had their fair share of revenge by inflicting exports like I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here upon us.

V’s New Recruits

As spotted at SpoilerTV: new roles being created for V’s return include (1) an ex-gang, Navy-trained “attractive and cunning” dude who is “morally ambiguous”; (2) a “recovering alcoholic whose sobriety is threatened” (we assume the “morally ambiguous” part goes without saying here); and (3) an OBGYN who has “strong moral center but is willing to break the law for what she believes in” (in other words, the goodkind of morally ambiguous….which is better than a morally ambiguous male OB-GYN, one supposes).

Because the anchorman who will do anything for his career, the mysterious businessman who forgot the condom and the perils of cross-species pollination, and the priest who is cooperating with the lady fed ’cause she’s doing the right thing totally hot wasn’t enough moral ambiguity for one fledgling season already…..

Fringe (Probably) Won’t Flounder Like A Mulder-less Mess of X-Files……

…..said J.J. Abrams during the TCA winter press tour (and highlighted over at Sci Fi Wire). Continues Abrams: “I do think that at a certain point it would be a really smart thing to start to say, ‘OK, let’s figure out … what the actual date is so we sort of know … how far we should push things.'””

How far to push things is one thing. How far to push things on Fringe is quite another.

Prepare for a wide splatter radius.

And that’s that for this week.

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