‘Teen Mom’ Star in Violent Attack with Own Mother

Farrah Abraham with Sophia (MTV)

Farrah Abraham with Sophia (MTV)

Farrah Abraham, from MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ was allegedly involved in a violent fight this weekend, with her own mom, Debra Danielson.

The local newspaper in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where the teen lives with her mom, reported this morning that cops were called to their house on Saturday after a heated argument turned physical.

The Daily Nonpareil reports that the mother and daughter were arguing about childcare issues and other “problems” before it turned physical. Danielson then threw an MTV T-shirt at her daughter but it landed “on or near” Farrah’s infant daughter, Sophia, who started crying.

When Abraham confronted her mom about the shirt, Danielson allegedly grabbed her by the throat. Abraham pushed her mom’s hand away, but then received blows to the right side of her head and mouth.

Reports say that officers noted several cuts on the 18-year-old’s mouth when they arrived. They arrested Danielson on suspicion of domestic abuse.

For the MTV show, cameras follow Farrah and her family around to see how she deals with being a teen mom. In her cast bio, it says that her mom “helps with childcare but also nags Farrah about every decision — especially about how to take care of Sophia.”

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