The Big Tease: Scoop on ‘Lost,’ ’24’ and More!

(ABC, Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images/FOX)

(ABC, Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images/FOX)

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send you questions. Here now the scoop!

When you visited the ‘FlashForward’ set, did you ask Sonya Walger if she would be returning to ‘Lost‘? I can’t see them ending the show without some resolution for Penny and Desmond. – Steven
‘Yes, you will see Penny again,” Walger confirmed, even though, as she noted, that storyline has been “fairly well wrapped up,” and even Henry Ian Cusick failed to score a spot on the final season’s cast of regulars. But Walger is “absolutely delighted” to offer up an extra bit of closure, saying, “I loved playing Penny and they’ve written wonderful stuff for me, historically, so I’d be sad not to go and sign her out.”

So, it’s the last season of ‘Lost‘ – will all of the questions accumulated over the show’s run be answered? – Jim
“Some major questions get answered along the way this season – and they’re not all saved up for the finale,” Daniel Dae Kim told me last week in Los Angeles. But please take note of his use of the word “some.” Executive producer Carlton Cuse warns, “Obviously not every question is going to be answered, so some people are going to be upset. [But] trying to literally explain everything down to the last little midi-chlorian would be a mistake in our view.” Outstanding use of the word midi-chlorian, BTW.

Have you heard anything more about Jennifer Morrison’s return to ‘House’? – Sydney
If Morrison in fact returns in the episode being directed by Hugh Laurie – and if this spoilery URL a reader sent me is to be believed – when Cameron resurfaces for some quality time with her estranged hubby, she’ll get way more than she bargained for. But regardless of when Cameron comes back, “The audience is going to get the information they were looking for,” Morrison tells

I read on another site that Audrey is now dead on ‘24.’ Is that true?! – Sara
Kiefer Sutherland did say exactly that during the Fox drama’s TCA panel… but later he confessed to me that he had slipped up. (Yes, even Jack Bauer blunders at times.) Kiefer could only speculate that Audrey (played by ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Kim Raver) is currently “in a coma or [otherwise] incapacitated,” since her status is “not really” addressed during the new season.

Any scoop on the new season of ‘24‘? – Carrie
The way Hour 4 ended last night, you are perhaps wondering (as I was) if Renee is now one hardcore crime-solver… or just nuts. I put that question to Annie Wersching and she said, “I think she’s hardcore. The only thing that going through her mind [as she sawed off a Russian thug’s hand] is that she needs to get that f—ing tracker off his wrist.” And when you consider that Renee is merely helping out here as a civilian, Wersching says, “She’s got nothing to lose.” Meanwhile, is it just me or did Jack almost seem turned on by Renee’s Bauer-style behavior?

Why hasn’t NBC’s ‘Community‘ featured more of Abed? He was all over the first few episodes and now he’s just scenery. – Robyn
Danny Pudi echoes your lament, Robyn, saying, “Yeah, I know!” But when I saw him at the NBC comedy’s set, they were in the midst of shooting a Valentine’s Day-themed episode that he described as “very Abed-heavy.” How so? Said Pudi, “There are a lot of scenes with Jeff and I just bonding in my dorm room. We talk about girls… and there’s possibly some drinking.”

When is ABC bringing on ‘Happy Town‘? – EBlake1123 via Twitter
A premiere has yet to be set for this murder mystery series, even though ABC hosted a panel for it at the TCA press tour. There, the recurring theme was the comparison of ‘Happy Town’ to its obvious inspiration, ‘Twin Peaks.’ Versus the ’80s show that gave us Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic, ‘Happy Town’ boss Josh Appelbaum said, “One thing that we really focused on was giving answers in a swift fashion.” Plus, no damn fine coffee.

I am so glad that ‘Chuck‘ is back, and thanks for always supporting the show. Is there any chance for a Jeffster encore this season? – Pam
Oh yes. Count on it.

How many lives does ‘Fringe‘s Charlie have? First he was incinerated by a shape-shifter who assumed his appearance, then Olivia shot the shape-shifter in the head. Now in the episode that aired on January 11, Charlie is back and in fine health. How the heck are they going to explain this resurrection? – Tom
Here’s how you explain it: That latest episode was a holdover from Season 1, which Fox decided to burn off in the middle of this Season 2 hiatus. Charlie is dead.

You teased some makin’ out for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Calzona, and there was makin’ out! In a shower. Thank you for not spoiling that – some things are much better lived in the moment, right? – Lynn
Indeed. Next up, as I also teased, your couple has that “battle” of Callie’s with which to contend. Interestingly, I myself have been through what Cal’s about to face – and I have the scars to show for it.

I would do anything for some scoop on my favorite ‘Glee‘ couple, Puck and Quinn. Will they ever get together? – Kristin
One thing is for certain: Gleeks will witness the birth of Baby Drizzle during the next nine episodes kicking off April 13, and you may not have to wait for the season finale. As for the parents-to-be’s short-term romantic prospects, ‘Glee’ creator Ryan Murphy says he does take note of what the fans are clamoring for on the Internet, but he does not always change course as a result.  Speaking of the show’s superfans, Julianne Moore was Gleeking out on the Golden Globes red carpet, hounding the cast for pictures. Cute!

Ever since the news broke that Pam Grier will be playing DC Comics villain Amanda Waller on ‘Smallville,’ I’ve been busting to know what her storyline will be, and if she’ll share any scenes with my favorite gal, Miss Lane. Any details? – Becca
Finally, Becca, an answer! As I Tweeted the other day, The CW’s synopsis for the February 5 “Absolute Justice” movie is out. In addition to revealing that the two-hour event is set in motion by Icicle’s murder of Justice Society member Sylvester Pemberton (aka Star-Spangled Kid) and Chlark’s investigation of same, “Lois receives a package from a mysterious agency called Checkmate, run by Amanda Waller.” My question: Why would a covert organization be reaching out to a news reporter? Hmmm.

Is ‘Smallville‘ showing “Disciple” and “Warrior” back-to-back? – NadiaCosta via Twitter
Legit question, seeing as ‘Smallville’s return has been pushed back a week (to January 29) by this Friday’s networks-wide “Help for Haiti” telethon. The CW, though, is instead opting to air “Warrior” slightly out of order – on February 12, a week after “Absolute Justice.”

I am all kinds of delighted to see J.J. Abrams pick two African Americans to star in ‘Undercovers.’ Do you know if that was always his intention? – Jonathan
NBCU exec Angela Bromstad told me just before Gugu Mbatha-Raw landed the female lead opposite Boris Kodjoe that winding up with an African-American couple at the fore was “what we’re striving for.” A production insider, however, tells me that the spy drama simply went with the best actors available, and notes that casting Mbatha-Raw (aka ‘Doctor Who’s Tish Jones) is in the tradition of Abrams’ tapping an ingénue (see: “Russell, Keri” and “Torv, Anna”) for what promises to be a breakout role. P.S. Technically, both Mbatha-Raw and Kodjoe are biracial.

Any word on NBC’s ‘Persons Unknown‘? – cautionwriter via Twitter
NBCU’s Bromstad confirmed for me that this series – penned by Chris McQuarrie (‘The Usual Suspects’), starring Jason Wiles (‘Third Watch’) and revolving around a group of strangers mysteriously imprisoned inside a small ghost town – is a contender for a summer slot, especially since 13 already produced episodes are sitting on the shelf. In fact, it’s probably more than a contender. As NBC entertainment chair Jeff Gaspin noted at TCA, “I’ve got to put more [original series] in the summer, because I planned on having Jay [Leno on at 10 pm].” And we all know how that has turned out.

What’s the good word on ‘Caprica‘? – Sandra
The word is that Syfy’s new series (premiering Friday) is not only a particularly interesting prequel for the ‘Battlestar Galactica‘-educated, but it’s just as easy to enjoy for those who don’t know their Adamas from their elbow. Even so, exec producer David Eick promises occasional Easter eggs for ‘BSG’ fans to uncover, such as when a character first sets eyes on a Cylon prototype and likens it to “a toaster.” Heh.

Why wouldn’t Fox launch ‘The X Factorthis fall, allowing ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ to go back to summer this year? – Wesley
Theoretically, Fox could have fast-tracked ‘X Factor’ for the 2010-11 TV season, but A) they want to take their time putting together the best-possible production, and B) there’d surely be a conflict with Simon Cowell doing double duty with ‘Idol.’ Besides, you should know that ‘SYTYCD’s fall season was a one-time experiment, the result of Fox having no idea what to pair with ‘Glee.’ When all is said and done, Fox’s year-round schedule will offer up a summertime ‘Dance,’ fall ‘X Factor’ and winter/spring ‘Idol.’

Did they say at TCA if there will be a Season 3 of SOAPnet’s ‘Being Erica‘? – windsprints via Twitter
No announcement was made, but exec producer Jana Sinyor shared, ” I’m developing Season 3 right now.” In the meantime, series star Erin Karpluk says there’s this to look forward to in Season 2: “Erica gets chased by a bear, steals a Mercedes-Benz, goes to Taipei, impersonates Celine Dion….” Yes, you read that last one right. “For some reason, there’s a lot of singing and dancing,” Karpluk said, “and I apologize so much in advance because I am terrible.”

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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