Casting Quickies: ‘Tree Hill,’ ‘Lost’ and ‘Smallville’

Robert Buckley (Fred Norris/The CW)

Robert Buckley (Fred Norris/The CW)

Who in ‘Tree Hill‘ is seeing dead people? Which ‘Undeclared‘ geek now finds himself on ‘Lost‘? And what super return does ‘Smallville‘ have in store? Get the details from this latest batch of Casting Quickies.

‘TREE HILL’S BLAST FROM THE PAST: Amy writes, “On ‘One Tree Hill,’ it looks like Amanda Schull, who played Clay’s dead wife Sara, might be coming back. Can you confirm or deny?” Yes, Schull (‘Center Stage’) is due for an encore on the CW drama later this season, sources tell me – though everyone’s lips are zipped as to whether she is appearing a ghost, as she has done before… or haunting widower Clay in some other way. Goosebumps.

LOOK WHO’S GETTING ‘LOST’: ‘Undeclared’ geek Samm Levine all but declared that he will appear on ABC’s ‘Lost‘ this season when he Tweeted on Tuesday, “People keep asking me what I’m shooting in Hawaii. Sadly, I legally can’t talk about it, so let’s just say it’s the opposite of FOUND.” Prior to that, he revealed that he was filming scenes at a Popeye’s. That suggests to me that Levine is playing a Mr. Cluck’s coworker of Hurley’s. I should so sign up for detective school, I know.

MOM’S THE WORD: Annette O’Toole will return to ‘Smallville‘ after too long an absence when Senator Martha Kent pays her son a visit, likely during May sweeps. As reported by, Clark’s mom may have a surprise or two for her super boy. O’Toole last appeared as Martha in the Season 6 finale.

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