Kristen Bell Roots for a ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie

Kristen Bell’s career has skyrocketed ever since she made a big splash as the star of the cult-favorite canceled-too-soon young detective series Veronica Mars, which ran for three seasons. Although next week she’ll be taking on her first lead role in a straight-forward romantic comedy with When In Rome, she’s never forgotten her roots, and she’s excited at the prospect of a movie version of her peppy sleuth, even if the outlook is currently grim.

“The way it stands right now, from the information that I have,” Bell said when asked about that possibility recently, ” is that Rob Thomas wrote the script or the treatment or the synopsis or whatever, and we brought it to Warner Bros. and Joel Silver said there’s no enthusiasm to make a Veronica Mars movie at this point, which means they don’t think they can sell tickets. I think the Veronica Mars fans would say otherwise, but it’s all a matter of convincing them that people would see it – which some of the online groups who are still so dedicated are trying to do, which is awesome. But at this point, we have no control. One day, Rob and I will just shoot it in his backyard, I’m positive of that.”

Want to know what the fuss is about? Check out the pilot episode of Veronica Mars right here on Fancast, and dive into more episodes after that to learn just how Bell got famous.

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