‘Lost’s Mysterious “Man in Black” Is Back

Titus Welliver (ABC)

Titus Welliver (ABC)

As expected, He Who Has Not Yet Been Named will resurface during the final season of ABC’s ‘Lost,’ which premieres Tuesday, February 2.

“The Man in Black,” as Jacob’s adversary was quickly dubbed by fans, was first played by ‘Deadwood‘ alum Titus Welliver in the Season 5 finale. His beach scene opposite Mark Pellegrino (‘Supernatural’) lasted all of 105 seconds, and yet it sent the show’s already confounding mythology careening in a whole new direction, as the two men obliquely discussed their long-running feud.

With Jacob clad in white and his nemesis in black, the ‘Lost’ producers had advised Welliver that the gents’ interplay “was kind of a chess game,” the actor shared in a TVGuide.com Q&A. “But are they part of the chess game,” he posed, “or are they the players?”

As for the Man in Black posing as the truly dead Locke to ultimately goad Ben into killing the all-powerful Jacob, Welliver theorized, “It can’t be that easy to get rid of Jacob.”

Welliver, who is currently a recurring player on CBS’ ‘The Good Wife,’ will make his ‘Lost’ encore during the back half of Season 6, says the Hollywood Reporter.

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