Dissecting the Latest ‘Lost’ Promos

The final season of ‘Lost‘ is only a week away and rest assured, the folks over at ABC are giving fans just the tiniest of tidbits before we finally find out what happened after Juliet detonated that hydrogen bomb.

A new teaser shows some of the major events in ‘Lost’ history playing in reverse, implying what has already been established – they can change the past.

Evangeline Lilly said in a recent interview, “In Season 6 you can expect another change in dimension, which allows all of us to reinvent our characters once again.”

To the naked eye, the latest promo seems to be just a mash-up of footage we already know and love–but take a closer look. Around the 15-second mark, for a split second, we get a glimpse of Claire (Emilie De Ravin) like we’ve never seen her before: sporting a rifle, hair in shambles, and giving off that crazy “where’s my baby?” look we know so well. Is it too early to start referring to Claire as Danielle Rousseau 2.0?

Take a look at the screen grab below:



Then get ready for the beginning of the end by catching up with Fancast’s Ultimate ‘Lost’ Page. It all starts next Tuesday, February 2nd, on ABC.

Check Out Claire at the 15-Second Mark:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Lost/93942/1393196047/Lost%3A-They-Can-Change-Past-Tuesday/embed?skipTo=0 420 382]

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