Former ‘Bachelor’ Plans to ‘Pimp My Bride’

by | January 26, 2010 at 9:35 AM | The Bachelor, TV News

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse than the ‘Conveyor Belt of Love,’ then get a load of this.

British ‘BachelorMatt Grant is apparently pimping a new reality show called ‘Pimp My Bride.’

“[It’s] an organic follow-up to the ‘Bachelor,'” Grant tells Us Weekly.

It’s not quite as saucy as the title implies. “It’s about the groom being in control of the wedding,” says Grant.

The series, which he wrote himself, has been picked up by Warner Brothers.

Grant also reveals he’s considering appearing on ‘The Bachelor’s’ upcoming ‘All-Star’ special this summer called ‘Bachelor Pad,’ where both former ‘Bachelors’ and ‘Bachelorettes’ live in a ‘Big Brother’-style house.

The English heartthrob appeared on the 12th season of ‘The Bachelor’ in 2008 and gave his final rose–and an engagement ring–to Lorenzo Lamas’ daughter Shayne, but (predictably) their union was not meant to be. Like many ‘Bachelor’ couples, their relationship didn’t turn out smelling like roses, and they broke up just a few months later.

Lamas now has her own reality series, ‘Leave it to Lamas,’ on the E! channel.