Deep Soap: Mother Tucker

Stephen Nichols (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Stephen Nichols (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

This is Getting Good

Holy smokes.  I think we’ve got ourselves a real ‘The Young & The Restless’ business storyline.  After just two days, I am sold on Stephen Nichols’ version of Tucker McCall.  He is sexy, powerful and more than capable of going toe-to-toe with Jack and Victor. Nichols knows how to play a larger than life daytime character without going over the top.  Tucker is completely different from both Patch and Stefan Cassadine, though he is self made like Patch and arrogant like Stefan.   Though I wholeheartedly approve of his oh so Cassadine black wardrobe.   What a difference casting the right actor makes. I have no trouble believing that Jill would be willing to stay with this man after he lied to her.  I still do not understand why Y&R already revealed that Tucker is Katherine’s son.  It would be amazing if after months of battling with Tucker, she finally was about to dethrone him and he said, “Congratulations.  You’ve gotten rid of me again, Mother.”   Oh, well.  Perhaps the reason for the premature reveal will become clear in a few weeks.

With Jabot now up for grabs, Tucker’s power play take over of Chancellor Industries has suddenly become a high stakes chess game involving most of the cast.   Will Jack finally get Jabot back in the hands of the Abbots?  God, I hope so.  As a card carrying member of Team Abbott, I pray that this story will undo a cosmic injustice and give Jack and Ashley back their birthright.  I stood up and cheered when Victor phoned Jill, asking her to sway Tucker into letting him buy Jabot and she told him to cram it.  She reminded him that when she asked him for help, after she lost her savings when a bank he owned collapsed, he had no sympathy.  Karma’s a bitch, Victor, and so is a scorned Jill.  Then when Jill turned around and told Tucker not to sell Jabot to Jack because she realized she would lose her job  if Jack took over, I was intrigued.  With Adam and J.T. now working for Tucker and Cane deciding to take a job with him so he can spy for Kay, Genoa City’s power structure has been turned on its ear.  Everyone is pursuing their own agenda.   This has the potential to be Y&R’s best business storyline since Jack and Brad took over Newman Enterprises and hung their slightly homoerotic portrait in Victor’s office.

My only complaints are that Kay turned to Victor for help.  After decades of successfully running her company, she should be able to solve this problem without going hat in hand to the Moustache.  I also wish Tucker’s takeover scheme had been more clever.  I haven’t done any math more complicated than calculating a tip in years and I realized that Kay was giving more than 50% of Chancellor’s stock to outsiders.  Neil of the Stanford MBA should have been able to figure it out.

For the first time in months, I am eagerly awaiting each episode of Y&R.   No soap does corporate intrigue as well.  All hail Tucker.  I hope he succeeds at being the first Y&R character in years to beat the great and powerful Victor Newman.

Logic Check

So, ‘Days of Our Lives‘ Carly has let everyone in town think she is a homewrecker who returned to Salem to break up Hope and Bo’s marriage so that Vivian will not find out her true motivation: reuniting with long lost daughter Melanie. Hope’s dear is that Vivian will seek vengeance.  But Vivian has already figured out the truth and decided against killing Melanie because she’s got spunk.   So Carly is now keeping her secret for no reason and Vivian has decided to unleash her special brand of crazy on Carly.  Okay.   So what was the point of the past few months of Carly attempting to get to know Melanie without explaining why and Vivian plotting to discover the identity of Carly’s daughter?  Couldn’t Vivian have just killed Mia by mistake to get her now pointless character off the show? That would have been some sort of pay off.  DOOL, you are entertaining me more than you have in years but a lot of your stories do not withstand any scrutiny.  I am still not sure why Hope and Bo broke up or why Brady is still friends with Nicole.   How hard would it have been to have Hope and Bo on solid ground with Carly arrived in Salem and let Bo’s insistence on helping Carly gradually drive a believable wedge between them?  Or for Nicole to do something nice for Brady like stop him from falling off the wagon that would explain their continued bond?  It would have only taken a few scenes.  With the ratings rising (hooray!), and good dialogue, now is the time to put a little more effort into long term story structure and character motivation.

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