Carnie Wilson Goes ‘Unstapled,’ Gets ‘Dr. Oz’ Intervention

Carnie Wilson is about to get real – a real intervention.

The GSN star, who weighs 218 pounds, was confronted with her health issues on the ‘Dr. Oz’ show’s ‘Truth Tube’ segment.

In the episode, which airs February 4, Wilson gets a wake up call from the doctor, who delivers the shocking results of her blood pressure and cholesterol count measurements, and tells her she needs to lose weight – or else.

Wilson has had a difficult uphill battle with her weight throughout her career. She underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1999, only to gain the weight back.

The actress is also documenting her weight highs and lows on the new GSN reality series, ‘Carnie Wilson: Unstapled,’ where she enlists the help of another powerful fitness professional – a personal trainer.

“I can’t get it together, and I lose and I gain and I lose, and it’s just up and down,” she told Fancast about her yo-yoing weight. “But now I have a fitness guru. If I fall he can help me get back up.”

Wilson says she’s been trying YRG workouts (“Yoga for regular guys and gals”) with Diamond Dallas Page. “He’s definitely more like a commander,” she added. “You have to see what happens (on the show) because it’s really challenging for me.”

Her new series follows the mother of two as she juggles mommyhood, a musician husband and a successful television career.

Last month, she shocked her fans with a promo that featured the former Wilson Phillips singer complaining about her hectic day. “I’m going to pray….and use my vibrator,” she innocently joked in the spot. The clip went viral.

“(Laughs) I was in the kitchen with my aunt Dee Dee for that,” she explained. “The clip is just kind of an example of how crazy I am on the show, and in life. That in the morning I’m gonna be on my knees praying for my children’s day that day, for another grateful day for my sobriety and my recovery and my meetings and career. And sometimes I just need a really good f**ng orgasm.”

She added, “It’s TMI for many people. I do have to admit, though, I think I kind of put my foot in my mouth for that one – now I’m mortified that I said it!”

Wilson has two kids Lola, 5, and Luciana, 7 months, with her hubby Rob Bonfiglio.

Watch ‘Unstapled’ Thursdays at 8/7c on GSN.

Check out Carnie’s fitness routines and diet plans below:

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