Kristin Kreuk Is Hot to Reboot ‘Chuck’s Love Life

Kristin Kreuk in Chuck (NBC)

Kristin Kreuk in Chuck (NBC)

When last we checked in with NBC’s ‘Chuck‘ (Mondays at 8/7c), the Buy More’s especially abled employee received a super-pleasant surprise, as comely computer consultant Hannah walked into his fluorescent-lit world. The First Class seatmates didn’t quite have Paris, but maybe now they will discover something just as romantic? ‘Smallville‘ alumna Kristin Kreuk talks up her four-episode ‘Chuck’ visit and shares what’s behind her twinkling eyes.

Know who I just happened to get off the phone with? Ms. Erica Durance.
Oh really? I love her. She’s awesome.

You, meanwhile, are positively twinkling on ‘Chuck.’ Someone even Tweeted to me, “I don’t think Kristin ever smiled this much on ‘Smallville.'”
No, ‘Smallville’ wasn’t as smiley. It was very dramatic. [Laughs]

You match up nicely on screen with Zach Levi.
He makes it really easy, he’s such a lovely guy. That whole cast is amazing. And the show’s got such smoothness to it, it’s very fast-paced – I liked it.

Hannah surely has turned many a fella’s head in her day. Why do you think she is attracted to Chuck?
Is that really in question?

You know what I mean – what in particular draws her to him?
He’s adorable. Really, he’s just incredibly sweet and open and honest and funny, and the self-deprecating thing is endearing for her. For a girl, a guy that adorable and kind is really charming. And they share similar interests.

Did you need to learn some computer jargon to play Hannah?
I might have said something about “rebooting a server,” but that’s it.

Right off the bat, is Hannah expecting just a job from Chuck, or that and something more?
I think it’s pretty obvious she likes him, so there’s an interest in something more. She doesn’t come right out and say it, but it’s pretty obvious.

You seem destined to participate in TV love triangles. What’s Sarah’s take on Chuck’s new insta-BFF?
It seems like Sarah’s got a lot of her own stuff going on, particularly with Shaw (played by Brandon Routh). Sarah’s much more ‘tortured’ in some ways, so she’s supportive [of Chuck’s new relationship] but struggles with it. She really wants him to be happy, but she still loves him.

I told Zach a few weeks ago that as sweet as Hannah seems, I’ve got a bad feeling about this. I mean, Chuck’s girlfriends always turn out to be enemy sleeper agents or something.
Well, I can’t tell you that [Laughs] but yeah, that’s been the tradition on the show.

I understand that Lester may have designs on Hannah….
Poor Hannah…. [Laughs] I feel really bad for the girl. I mean, I was creeped out at the Buy More, and we were all just acting! I adore those guys, they’re awesome.

She’s a shiny new toy for the Nerd Herd to play with.
And she’s so nice, she would never do something mean to them.

Did ‘Chuck’ present any firsts for you as an actress? Did you have to rappel down the side of a building or dangle from a helicopter…?
No, there was very little action for me in this, which is good. Except for [the 2007 indie] ‘Partition’ and [the CBC series] ‘Edgemont,’ I’ve done action in most everything I’ve done, so it was a first for me to do something this light and enjoyable.

It had to be fun to flex your comedy muscles.
Yeah! Hannah’s not the funny person here, but the material has a lightness and playfulness about it that is so refreshing.

Between this, last year’s ‘Street Fighter’ and the upcoming ‘Ben Hur’ miniseries, you must feel like you’ve really stretched as an actress.
I. Love. It. Being on a consistent TV series is an amazing thing, and I am so blessed that I have had that opportunity. But being able to jump from project to project is fun too, because you get to try all these people on.

What is the status of ‘Ben Hur’ and how do you fit into it?
‘Ben Hur’ I believe comes out around Easter, and I think ABC is carrying it in the U.S. I play Tirzah, who is Ben Hur’s sister.

Is it safe to say that ‘Smallville’ has seen the last of Lana Lang?
I think so. I mean, the show has changed so much it would be weird for her to come back in. You’re up on all of that, so you know – she was from a different ‘Smallville’ time.

True, but I was thinking that maybe a big baddie one day kidnaps her and uses her as a weapon against Clark….
But now she’s got superpowers.

Right, right… She’s not easily kidnapped, I suppose.
No, she’s not. [Laughs] I think she’s busy off somewhere else in the world.

One of your mantras is, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” With that in mind, what have you been up to? When last we spoke you were starting up Girls By Design.
Yeah, the last time I talked to you there was a retreat, and we’ve got another one coming up that the Boys & Girls Clubs is supporting, which is rad. I’ve also started a production company called Parvati, with Allison Mack (‘Smallville’) and my friend Rosena Bhura (‘Partition’). We’ve been working on creating projects that really push people’s boundaries and look at humanity. So that’s what I’m working on right now, which is plenty along with maintaining an acting career!

It sounds like your friendship with Allison is another thing to thank ‘Smallville’ for.
Dude, she’s one of my best friends and an amazing woman. I’m really excited that I got to really get to know her. She’s one of my dearest friends in the world.

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