Josh Holloway: “You Are Going to Cry”

Josh Holloway on Stage at the TCA Winter Press Tour (ABC)

Josh Holloway on Stage at the TCA Winter Press Tour (ABC)

It’s here. The beginning of the end.

The hugely anticipated sixth-season premiere of ‘Lost‘ airs tonight in its new Tuesday time slot.

No, it’s not a con, Losties. One of the Greatest Shows of All Time has a date with destiny, and soon it will be over before you can say, ‘Seriously, what the hell is the island?!’ (That’s the big one of the 1,001 questions that must be answered before this show gets ‘Lost’ for good.

And who better to tease us about this momentous occasion than the most charming of con men, Sawyer, aka Josh Holloway, who flashed that gorgeous grin and told me … to get the Kleenex ready.

As the cast gathered in Los Angeles to promote the final season, I was one of the lucky few reporters who got a chance to talk with the beloved bad boy about figuring out ‘Lost,’ which leading lady he was rooting for, and whether or not he thinks James Ford is a goner. Oh, and what’s that about a buzz cut? Find out about that and more below!

We keep hearing the season premiere’s a heart-breaker. How emotional is this final season going to be?

“You are going to cry right away. Right away. I think you’ll laugh, and you’ll cry … pretty much every episode this season is a stinger. They’re pulling out all the stops both emotionally and physically, there’s a lot of action.”

How have the events that may have taken place changed your character? We saw (and loved) the softer side of Sawyer last season.

“He’s definitely got the salt back this year. He’s coming from a place that’s completely emotionally destroyed. And he does not care about life so much anymore. However, the lessons he’s learned on the island, and the humanity he’s been forced to acknowledge and grow with, is going to come into play too. It will probably be the only thing keeping him from offing himself.”


When you read the new scripts for this season … did you understand it?

“I’ve never understood it! I quit trying.” [laughs] … “You know what it is? It’s just like life, it’s full of mystery and days when you think you understand it and have it all figured out, and then the next day, you have no idea. It’s exactly that way.”

On the evolution of Sawyer throughout the series:

“It always comes back to, ‘Damn, I’m glad I’m not dead yet.”

What’s the deal with these Alpha-male power struggles on The Island?

“There are a lot of power struggles and shifts in characters in general coming. It’s not limited to a Sawyer and Jack thing. Or a Jack and Locke thing. It’s gonna be pretty much … this year is the final season, so the story has really come into play where it’s almost like another character. The story is driving those relationships right now.”

Kate and Sawyer: Two of a Kind? (Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway) (ABC)

Kate and Sawyer: Two of a Kind? (Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway) (ABC)

Were you on Team Kate or Team Juliet?

“I think both, actually. They’re different. One being an undeniable love that just exists, and one that began as enemies and then friendship and then developed into something softer–a more mature relationship … one is by choice and one is not by choice. They’re both valid is what I’m trying to say, in their own way.”

On Juliet (who is reportedly back in some way this year) slipping away and detonating the hydrogen bomb (potentially un-doing the crash of Oceanic Flight 815) in last year’s season finale:

“Ripped my heart out…. That was a scary relationship to bring to life. We just hoped the audience went along with it, so when it worked out so well and then had such a powerful ending, we were both [Holloway and costar Elizabeth Mitchell] pleasantly surprised–but it was heart-wrenching.”

Doomed Lovers Sawyer and Juliet (Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell) (ABC)

Doomed Lovers Sawyer and Juliet (Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell) (ABC)

On reuniting with long ‘Lost’ (dead) characters this season:

“It’s been a blast. It’s always emotionally charged when people get killed off or leave the show, so each one coming back has been a blast. We have a Mai Tai, laugh on the beach.”

Do you have a favorite nickname for Sawyer, the King of all Nicknames?

“I don’t know, that’s a good question. I’m going to have to come up with something before the show’s over.”

How much do you know about The End?

“They’ve kept me in the dark from day one. I don’t know how it ends and I don’t want to know.”

There are sooo many unanswered questions, what is the one question you get asked most often?

“‘What’s going to happen in the end!?’ In the end, we don’t know in life what is going to happen. And that’s been the brilliance of these creators is that they’ve allowed it to be like life, to flush out stories and to follow what they see in their heads. They’ve done that the whole way through, and it’s been just phenomenal.”

How would you like to see Sawyer end up?

“Before I thought he should die. Now … no.” he laughs. “Now I’m hoping maybe he’s earned a second chance.”

On keeping those long locks once it’s all over:

“Possibly — as much as I love Robert Redford, I’m probably not going to have the same haircut for most of my career — I’ll shave it off, you know?”

The two-hour sixth-season premiere of ‘Lost’ airs tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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