New On DVD: Zombieland, The Time Traveler’s Wife & More

Finally, Zombieland is available on Digital Versatile Disc. Sure, you could also check out Rachel McAdams in The Time Traveler’s Wife or Hilary Swank in Amelia if you want to go back in time, or watch Jennifer Aniston in Love Happens or Hugh Dancy in Adam if you’re interested in getting in touch with your emotions, or you could even scare the crap out of yourself with The House of the Devil, not to mention work yourself up into a lather about not living in the Big Apple after watching the amalgamation of vignettes called New York, I Love You. But really, you’re going to have the most fun with Woody Harrelson smacking zombies around with a banjo.

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Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg are an unlikely pair – a swaggering cowboy and a neurotic germophobe – who are making their way across a zombie-infested America in search of signs of life and intact Twinkies in this action-horror-comedy romp.

Watch more clips from Zombieland.

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The Time Traveler’s Wife
In this adaptation of the popular novel, Rachel McAdams plays a woman placed in the unfortunate situation of having the love of her life turning out to be a man (Eric Bana) who periodically disappears to travel through time with absolutely no control over when and where it will happen.

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Adam (Hugh Dancy) is a lonely man with Asperger’s syndrome who develops a complicated relationship with his neighbor, Beth (Rose Byrne), in this Sundance hit.

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New York, I Love You
Natalie Portman, Chris Cooper, Ethan Hawke, Drea De Matteo, James Caan, Bradley Cooper, Hayden Christensen, Andy Garcia, Rachel Bilson, Christina Ricci, Maggie Q, Shia LaBeouf, Anton Yelchin and many more all star in this anthology of short stories centering around life in the City That Never Sleeps.

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The House of the Devil
A horror fllm set during the 1980s wherein a college student desperate for cash in order to keep her apartment takes a babysitting job at a huge, creepy and secluded house. When she finds out the ‘baby’ is actually the elderly mother-in-law of the eerie Mr. Ulman, she still takes the job once he offers her a pay raise. Even though they need her services so that he and his wife might go out and celebrate the lunar eclipse – which is really just a bad sign all around.

Also new on DVD are Amelia and Love Happens, which are also available on Comcast On Demand today.

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