Mel Gibson Cusses Out Reporter on Live TV

Mel Gibson in 2004 (Photo: Jean Cummings)

Mel Gibson in 2004 (Photo: Jean Cummings)

Poor Mel Gibson. After spending the last four years or so in P.R. Purgatory trying to repair his damaged reputation (the result of a DUI arrest which turned into a bigoted tirade against a police officer), the “Braveheart” actor’s potty mouth has landed him in hot water again.

Gibson was doing some early morning satellite publicity for his latest movie ‘Edge Of Darkness‘ when WGN entertainment reporter Dean Richards steered the topic back to the infamous incident instead.

After the reporter continued to press, Gibson visibly lost his cool and chided Richards for not having “moved on,” as Gibson clearly is trying to. When the interview abruptly ended, Gibson gave a curt “Buh-Bye” and then muttered under his breath “a**hole,” which was caught on-air.

To be fair, Gibson has paid a heavy price for his erratic behavior in the past. This is his first starring role since that time (if you don’t count last year’s comedic effort as “The Colonel“).

During the interview, Gibson reminds Richards that he’s “done all the necessary Mea Culpas.” But it still seems like a sensitive subject for the actor.

Watch the Mel Gibson Interview Go Downhill Here

In an effort to explain the gaffe, Gibson says he thought he was off the air and was talking to his publicist, who was making silly faces at him off-camera. The old Sue Simmons defense.

Good thing he wasn’t driving….

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