William Mapother Talks ‘Human Target,’ ‘Lost’ Encore

William Mapother (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

William Mapother (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

This week on Fox’s ‘Human Target‘ (Wednesdays at 8/7c), Chance (Mark Valley) poses as a monk to stop the theft of priceless religious artifacts from a monastery. Playing the big baddie is William Mapother, whose myriad credits include ‘Lost,’ where he gave us chills as the creepy Ethan Rom (aka “Other Man”). Fancast emailed Tom Cruise’s famous cousin about his ‘Human Target’ gig and a possible ‘Lost’ resurrection. Little did we know what we were in for….

The logline for this week’s ‘Human Target’ says: “Chance needs a miracle to help protect a reformed thief from his vengeful former accomplices.” I take it you play one of the vengeful accomplices?
Actually, I play the miracle.

What beef do the former accomplices have with their reformed cohort?
Prime rib. He ran to the authorities and squealed that their steaks were under-marbled, despite heavy side-of-bus marketing to the contrary. This is all subtext, you understand. Superficially, the plot revolves around centuries-old invaluable artifacts. But it’s about beef, believe me.

The first few episodes of ‘Human Target’ have felt like “mini movies.” Did you get that sense while filming?
The dialogue was shorter and there was less time wasted than in shooting a movie, so yes, I think it did. There was a bit of action, too, now that I think about it.

Did you personally get to “mix it up” with Mark Valley?
Oh, did we ever. They wanted to call the episode ‘Top Chef,’ cause Mark gets all Julia Child on me. But legal nixed it.

Scads of former and/or killed off ‘Lost’ cast members are due for encores during this, its final season. Is it safe to say that we will see Ethan Rom again? Perhaps in some sort of new context?
Are you trying to get me killed off-screen, too?!?! You know I can’t say anything about anything to anyone anywhere. Hurry, let’s get to the next question. Please!

You have a few projects in the can – which are you most excited to see come out, and why?
I don’t really have favorites; I’m lucky to have enjoyed all I’ve shot. A few indies are due out: ‘Warrior’ is about a high school lacrosse team; ‘Another Earth’ is a romantic drama/sci-fi; and in ‘Darnell Dawkins’ I have a quick bit as a preacher. I’m also on an upcoming episode of ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent,’ and a documentary I narrated, ‘The New Sudan,’ is making the festival rounds.

You’ve played so many interesting characters on a wide array of TV shows. Have you ever been tempted to fill a series regular role?
If the right character came along, absolutely. It’s fun to play a variety of roles, but there’s too dang much downtime. Actors should act. I’d enjoy the steady work.

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