Is ‘Community’s Annie Ready To Loosen Up?

Alison Brie as Annie on Community (NBC)

Alison Brie as Annie on Community (NBC)

It was comedic chaos when Fancast visited the set of NBC’s ‘Community‘ (Thursdays at 8/7c).

Things started out innocently enough with Ken Jeong dressing down Chevy Chase – or, technically, the veteran actor’s alter ego – as an “Old Navy hipster doofus,” but then they swiftly spiraled out of control thereafter.

Among the few who chose to merely lay witness to the mayhem was Alison Brie. Imported from the presumably milder-mannered ‘Mad Men‘ community, the brunette beauty confirms that rampant, out-of-control riffing is a given on her NBC comedy’s set.

“It’s funny how we interact,” she notes. “Like rambunctious children on a playground!”

Thankfully, the boys’ caustic barbs seldom fly Brie’s way because, as she notes with a bat of her eyelashes, “I’m always agreeable. No, I never stir the pot. I know how these guys work.”

The conservative garb in which ‘Community’s Annie oft is clad occasionally draws fire from the likes of series lead Joel McHale, “but that’s as bad as it gets,” Brie says. Besides, her character’s fashion sense might evolve into something a bit “cuter” in light of a recent episode in which Annie – punctuated in small part by by her rarely revealed cleavage – elicited new interest from Jeff.

“I play 18 on the show, but I think some of the writers forget that I have a nice rack!” laughs Brie, who braves a bikini (and less) in this month’s issue of Complex. Referring to Annie and Jeff’s flirtation, she says, “The fan feedback was crazy. There are even YouTube videos about them” – more often than not forwarded to the actress by the taunting and Internet-savvy Jeong.

Brie says that while such viral mash-ups are “flattering and I appreciate that people are making them, it’s funny to see [Annie and Jeff] cast in a totally different light.” Whether the study buddies’ spark is reignited in future episodes, she says, remains to be seen.

Asked to sing Annie’s praises, Brie says, “I like her spunk. She means well, and she tries really hard. She just wants to be popular.” And as the wholesome outcast interacts with the disparate likes of rakish Jeff, eccentric Pierce and the Asperger’s-esque Abed, “You see her maturing a bit.”

Which is not to say that Annie will ever reach Trudy Campbell levels of refinement. On the acclaimed ‘Mad Men,’ Brie was one of the few recurring players to be made privy to last season’s big finale twist, thanks to the scene where Don and Roger visit the Campbell home to court Pete for their upstart agency.

“I actually had two scenes, thankyouverymuch,” Brie reminds with a wink. (Yes, who could forget her sing-songy “I brought sandwiches!”?) All told, the actress remembers her first read of the season-ender as being “insane.”

“I was alone in my room and I was like [Gasps],” she says. “I dropped the script, I was so shocked.”

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