‘American Idol’ Contestant Fakes Out Judges

'American Idol' (TMZ)

Here we go again. Another day, another ‘Idol’ scandal.

It seems as if ‘American Idol‘ has been duped.

‘Idol’ hopeful Nicci Nix just passed on through to the Hollywood round after stunning judges with her high-pitched voice and sexy Italian accent.

It turns out, however, that the contestant is something of a serial reality-show hopper, who’s appeared on multiple shows, under various names, using different accents. (Perhaps the porn-sounding name ‘Nicci Nix’ should have been their first tip-off?)

TMZ has unearthed clips of Nix’s past appearances on such reality gems as ‘Fear Factor,’ ‘Next,’ ‘Making the Band,’ and ‘Date My Mom,’ where the singer looks and sounds completely different.

During her stint on ‘Fear Factor,’ for instance, Nix used a different last name, lacked the Italian accent and claimed to be from California.

The Fox series has yet to comment on the latest controversy.

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