The Duggars Want More Babies?

Baby Josie (People)

The Duggars already have 19 children – but that doesn’t mean their baby-making days are over.

Super-fertile reality stars Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar say that they aren’t ruling out having more kids.

The conservative Baptist couple recently had their 19th baby, Josie, a micropreemie who was delivered Dec. 10th via emergency c-section and remains in intensive care.

“It is not as if we’re going for another [baby] immediately,” said mom Michelle, 43, to People magazine. “This is going to be a year of different focus for me, getting Josie through her first year of life.”

However, the proud parents are not opposed to more children because, “You can’t let fear direct your lives.”

The Duggars understand the public’s reaction to their unusually large brood. “When I say we would love more children, we open ourselves up for attack,” Michelle acknowledges.

“The negatives don’t bother us,” says Jim Bob, referring to their critics. “Our hearts haven’t changed.”

The ‘19 Kids & Counting‘ stars follow their Bible’s strict recommendations for birth control.

Still, the parents, who use the buddy system of child-rearing, say they have plenty time for their other children. They also live debt-free.

“We are still involved in our other children’s lives,” Jim Bob makes clear. “I take the kids to do things that are fun and educational, like touring the USS Razorback.” Adds Michelle, “I came in from the hospital that night and my little ones had on sailor hats and were talking about how they liked to eat spinach.”

Seems as if they’ve raised their massive brood well, at least. The Duggars’ eldest sons, Josh and John, made headlines this week when they saved the life of a six-year-old girl.

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