Lohan’s ‘Hoarding’ Due to Too Much Swag

Lindsay Lohan (John Shearer/Getty Images)

Lindsay Lohan (John Shearer/Getty Images)

In an interview this week, Lindsay Lohan confessed a dirty little secret: She’s a “hoarder.”

For the hapless Hollywood starlet, who’s allegedly been addicted to everything from drugs to ex-girlfriends and now ‘stuff,’ this latest claim isn’t much of a surprise.

“It’s kind of a sore subject,” says the 23-year-old actress, who let ‘The Insider’s’ cameras into her over-cluttered new home and gave a tour to Niecy Nash, host of the Style Network’s ‘Clean House.’

Surrounded by boxes upon boxes of fancy shoes and designer clothes strewn about everywhere, Lindsay admits, “I just need to get rid of this stuff,” because as she points out, she’s been forced to turn one bedroom into a shoe closet.

But if Lohan was looking for any sympathy, the revelation backfires, thanks to her stage mother Dina Lohan, who blames the mess on all the free gifts her daughter receives.

“It’s not just stuff that she bought,” Dina tells People. “A lot if it is gifted so it’s not necessarily stuff she buys. Like, a company will send five pairs of jeans.”

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan because she is drowning under piles and piles of free designer swag? Tragic.

And are we then supposed to applaud the Lohans’ ‘generosity’ when Dina says, “We’re donating a lot of it to charity,” and then gives a shout out to their Web site: “Some of it will go on our Web site lohanhouse.com.”

“She’s growing up and she’s been through a lot,” Dina adds. “She’s trying to move forward.” Lindsay will be working with a “closet organizer to the stars” (of course) in an attempt to clear her home–and her mind.

“If everything is in its place, then I will be able to breathe,” Lindsay tells The Insider.

Whether or not Lohan actually has hoarding tendencies, that extend beyond hoarding the spotlight, isn’t clear, but there are a few notable ‘celebrity hoarders’ out there.

‘Designing Women’ star Delta Burke opened up about her obsessive hoarding in recent years and has received treatment for the serious disorder.

Then there’s pet-accessory collector Paris Hilton, who’s been accused of animal cruelty and neglect in the past. The heiress set off alarms when she told Ellen DeGeneres in a 2008 interview that she owned at least 17 dogs.

But none is more notorious than the two Edies. First cousins to Jackie O, Edith Bouvier Beale and her mother, Edith Ewing Bouvier, left their staggering mark on pop-culture in the ’70s documentary ‘Grey Gardens,’ which revealed the former New York socialites to be living in squalor and isolation in a dilapidated East Hampton mansion overrun with trash and raccoons. [Side note: Drew Barrymore has been collecting statues this award season for her shocking transformation into ‘Little Edie’ in the HBO remake and you can watch her performance in ‘Grey Gardens‘ here on Fancast.]

Little Edie and Big Edie were hushed away and labeled as ‘eccentrics,’ but the fascinating subject of hoarding has come to the forefront these days, developing mainstream exposure last year with the success of A&E’s engrossing series, ‘Hoarders.’

So why is Lohan coming out now to talk about this? Well, ‘The Insider’ is known to pay celebrities for big interviews and with Lindsay not finding too much work recently, money could be the driving force. After all, she agreed to attend the Vienna Opera Ball next week with Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner for a reported $150,000.

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