‘Office’s Pam: “We’re Not Letting Dwight Deliver This Baby!”

Jenna Fischer (NBC)

Jenna Fischer (NBC)

The Office’s Pam will have a full, uninterrupted hour to birth her baby, now that NBC has set aside back-to-back episodes to accommodate the blessed event.

As previously reported in Fancast’s Big Tease column, the two-part “Delivery” – now airing March 4 – finds Pam fighting to fend off contractions and keep her baby at bay until after midnight, lest her HMO charge her for an extra day of hospital care. Meanwhile, says NBC’s synopsis, “The rest of the office tries to distract Pam from the pain with food and entertainment.”

But might the office staff get more involved than that? After all, Pam and Jim’s decision to delay the inevitable would seem to run the risk of having Baby Halpert enter the world right there alongside a box of Dunder Mifflin’s best bright white bond.

“I can’t imagine she’s going to have the baby without the entire office involved,” Jenna Fischer told Fancast. “I feel like that is her fate. She can’t get married or have a baby without all of these people looming.”

Even scarier a prospect is that should Pam not leave for the hospital in time, the farm-raised Dwight might fancy himself capable of birthing the baby.

“Oh god. The Pam inside of me is screaming at that thought,” Fischer said when asked about such a scenario. “I think she would rather drive through a hurricane [than let that happen].

“We are not letting Dwight deliver this baby,” she reiterated, “though it would be his dream come true, I am sure.”

Regardless, Pam and Jim’s firstborn will be arriving later than it should, seeing as the mom-to-be technically is due in February.

“[Pam and Jim] didn’t factor in NBC’s Olympics coverage when they got accidentally pregnant,” Fischer said. “How dare they!”

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