Previewing Tonight’s ‘Heroes’ Finale

Hayden Panettiere in the Heroes season finale (NBC)

Hayden Panettiere in the Heroes season finale (NBC)

My, my how the once mighty have fallen. Tonight marks the ‘Heroes’ fourth season finale (and possible series ender?) and according to the Nielson ratings, only about 4 million of you care. That’s a far, far cry from the 14 million viewers the show had when it premiered in 2006. Since then it’s been a steady decline with frustrated critics and fans jumping ship faster than “dead” characters on the show miraculously come back to life.

For those still watching, the finale promises to play out Samuel’s diabolical plan of having his empowered carnie family reveal themselves to the world in New York City. Will he use deaf hero Emma’s power of converting sound waves into light create one heck of a destructive blast to accentuate their coming out party? More importantly, will the city’s jaded citizens ignore them just like they do to everyone else?

But then again, Samuel’s parade might get rained on by Reformed Sylar who could be the key to saving Emma and New York now that Peter and Parkman have released him from his existential mental barrier. The question is Sylar can be in the middle of all that power and do right? Perhaps Claire and her adopted dad Noah can help save the day if they manage to dig out of Samuel burying them alive.

How these stories end tonight might really be it for ‘Heroes.’ While NBC has renewed other shows for next season, executives have been conspicuously silent about this show’s fate. Overseas, ‘Heroes’ is a cash cow for NBC due to licensing fees and DVD sales, but even an amended fifth season of the series could turn out to be too costly for the Peacock’s already anemic schedule. So if you have a soft spot for ‘Heroes,’ you might want to take time to say goodbye tonight.

Preview tonight’s finale below:

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