‘The Bachelor’: Corrie Adamson, Virginity Takes Its Toll

Corrie Adamson on The Bachelor (ABC)

Corrie Adamson on The Bachelor (ABC)

Jokester by day, but–at least with Jake–introvert by night, Corrie Adamson surprised the ‘Bachelor‘ and a few million others when she reluctantly admitted she was the V-word (i.e. VIRGIN) on last Monday’s show. Unfortunately for Corrie, her purity and old fashioned views on marriage seemed like a major deal breaker, and Jake sent her packing.

On a conference call late last week, the 23-year-old revealed her unease about telling Jake about her virginity, as well as the behind-the-scenes conversation we didn’t get to hear. “Literally out of nowhere he asked had I ever had a one-night stand, and I said ‘No’ and then he said, ‘Oh, are you saving yourself for marriage?’ and I said ‘Yes, I am.’ As far as first dates, I don’t think that that’s a first date discussion.”

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According to Corrie, the two also candidly discussed the fantasy suite. “I wasn’t willing to do that and I know that was important for Jake to get that alone time, and because our relationship was underdeveloped compared to the other girls, that would put me even farther behind. I just knew that he knew I wasn’t going to be where he needed me to be.” However, she points out that it wasn’t necessarily sexual intimacy Jake was demanding but that he wanted off-camera time with her to see if there were real sparks between them. Nonetheless, she said she was determined not to be alone in a bedroom with him to even allow the slightest suspicions about her purity.

Like her ousted predecessors, Corrie was quite gracious about the remaining girls, but unlike them, she was noncommittal about whom she thinks is a true match for the Bachelor. She even had a few nice things to say about Vienna, whom she believes has good intentions and is “a lot of fun.” However, she admits that even though Jake and the controversial blond have a strong chemistry, she’d “be surprised if they last” if he were to pick her in the end.

As for her own life, the Southern belle is moving on and sticking to her guns when it comes to courting, saying she still believes that men should pursue, not the other way around. When asked the question if she found any faults in Jake, the wardrobe consultant aptly replied, “His pants are just like a quarter of an inch too short.” We’re sure Jake would be relieved to know that’s his only imperfection.

Take a sneak peek at tonight’s new episode – and learn more about Vienna’s family!

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