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Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send you questions. Here now the scoop!

Does Chris Meloni really plan on leaving ‘SVU‘ after the end of next season?! – Tasha
Perhaps ‘SVU’ boss Neal Baer Tweeted it best: “Don’t believe everything you read in the papers!” Oh wait, that’s right – the Aussie paper which ran the titillating Meloni piece – in which the actor said, “12 years is enough” – has since stricken it from its web site. Hmm. I’m of the school that overseas tabloids play a little loosey-goosey with quotes, if only because they can (unless Brangelina’s lawyers get punchy). The facts are these: Last summer, Meloni and Mariska Hargitay negotiated deals that take them through next season. Beyond that is anybody’s guess – though the vibe I’m getting from ‘SVU’ insiders is that rotating in a new lead team, ever, is not on anyone’s radar. Speaking of ‘Law & Order’ crime fighters….

Is Jeff Goldblum going to continue to be on ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent‘? – Roni
I sure hope so, otherwise they’re going to have their cameras pointed at thin air. It was announced a while back that Vincent D’Onofrio’s Goren will bid the USA Network procedural adieu following the yet-to-be-scheduled Season 9 premiere, Kathryn Erbe’s Eames might only return “in some capacity,” and Julianne Nicholson definitely wont be back as Wheeler. So Goldblum is your man!

Do you have an answer to this ‘Lost‘ question: Why wasn’t Shannon on the plane? Was it plot-driven, or actor-driven? – Taffy via Facebook
Shannon’s absence from the final season premiere was actor-driven – Maggie Grace’s busy film slate precluded her from swinging by Hawaii at the right time – though the Flight 815 “flash-sideways” would have you believe that, in this tweaked reality, Boone was unable to talk his sister-lover into bailing on her Aussie beau. (Frankly, I found Shannon’s absence, Charlie’s arrest and Juliet’s re-death to scream, “Actor unavailability!”) Now, I heard from one source that Grace would make a cameo at some point, but I have yet to corroborate that buzz. Her rep will only say, “There is not much to comment on at the moment.”

“I’m sorry you had to see me like that” might be second favorite ‘Lost’ line, behind “We’re not going to Guam, are we?” – GiantAsianMan via Twitter
I second your ranking… yet your user name still unsettles me.

Why does ‘Lost’s “Man in Black” want to kill Jacob so badly? – Gail
We may gain some insight around midseason when, Terry O’Quinn told E! Online’s Kristin, “NotLocke” spouts forth “four pages of the history of the island.” I personally suspect the gents’ feud dates back further than 1845, when they sat there watching the Black Rock slave ship near the island. Why? Because at last month’s TCA tour, Damon Lindelof seemed to let slip that MIB’s origins date back “thousands and thousands of years.”

‘Lost’s Michael Emerson: ‘Smokey’ Can’t Kill Ben

Anything on ‘Criminal Minds‘ would be lovely! – Sarah
Series regular Matthew Gray Gubler, who by the way is now 100-percent recovered from that nasty knee injury he sustained over the summer, is your director for the episode “Mosley Lane,” airing March 3. The set-up: The BAU profiles a child abductor who may have been harboring children for more than eight (!) years. Guest stars include Brooke Smith (‘Grey’s Anatomy’) and Ann Cusack (‘The Unit’).

The Vampire Diaries‘ sure is drawing out these flashbacks. We still have yet to see how Damon and Stefan actually died, or the burning church with 27 vampires trapped inside. Will we see those events before the end of the first season? – Heather
You will certainly see something. All exec producer Julie Plec would tell me is, “There will be one more flashback episode this year.”

Will we see Sarah Carter again on ‘CSI: NY‘? – Clarisse
“No, the character of Haylen Bacall has moved onto the FBI,” ‘CSI: NY’ executive producer Pam Veasey reminds. Carter, meanwhile, can be seen on this Tuesday’s episode of ‘White Collar.’ So there’s that.

What’s the word on my favorite show, ‘Rescue Me‘? I love Dennis Leary and the entire cast. Will it be back for another season? When? – Janet
Wait, you aren’t that Janet, are you? Because Tommy’s ex certainly would know. Assuming you aren’t, I can tell you that ‘Rescue Me’ is returning for at least one more season, to likely premiere in June.

In the third ‘Human Target‘ episode, “Embassy Row,” I got the impression that the ending was left open for FBI agent Emma Barnes to return. Is there any intention to make her a recurring character, or is this just wishful thinking on my part? – Shawn
Not wishful thinking at all. As I scooped a while ago, the beautiful Emmanuelle Vaugier (late of ‘CSI: NY’) will appear in a total of three ‘Human Target’ episodes.

It’s so awesome that Martha Kent is coming back to ‘Smallville‘! An Amanda Waller connection maybe? – ClarkLovesLois via Twitter
Ooh, I like your thinking – perhaps U.S. senator Kent (played by Annette O’Toole) has the goods on the Checkmate baddies? I pressed exec producer Brian Peterson on the reason for Martha’s Episode 21 appearance, and he teased, “There is a purpose to it” beyond a fun (and very overdue) cameo. With Michael McKean returning as Perry White in the same episode, Peterson added, “We have a couple fun twists and turns planned.”

Is Stephen Swift/Warrior Angel going to be part of any future storylines on ‘Smallville’? – Lori
I’m thinking no, and frankly it was a little cruel that the powers-that-be ever “kidded” around about this guy would be Chloe’s next love interest. That said, Brian Peterson told me that in this Friday’s episode, Stephen/Warrior Angel “fulfills a little fantasy of Chloe’s.”

Could you help spread the word that on Friday we’re trying to trend #EDfor22, to have Erica Durance on 22 episodes of ‘Smallville’ during Season 10? – Floruru via Twitter
Consider the word spread, though I am prefer the Twitter hash tag #EricaDeuxDeuxRance.

I heard that Neil Patrick Harris’ boyfriend, David Burtka, is going to be back on ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ What more can you tell me about his episode? – Kerry Anne
Burtka resurfaces as Lily’s high school beau/stalker, Scooter, in the March 1 episode, as the gang reflects on the people they each kept “on the hook” as possible last-ditch love interests. Also playing a big role in the episode is… a teacup pig?

The Hollywood Reporter said that a certain Todd Williams has been cast in the Fox pilot ‘Ridealong.’ Is this the same Todd Williams who plays Detective Dershovitz on ‘In Plain Sight‘? – Bernd
Yes, it’s one and the same. But keep in mind, ‘Ridealong’ (a Chicago cop drama from ‘The Shield’s Shawn Ryan) is just a pilot at this point, so it may not necessarily have implications for Williams’ role on USA’s ‘In Plain Sight’ (which launches its new season on March 31).

When does Lifetime’s ‘Drop Dead Diva‘ return? I heart that show! – Greys_Gabble via Twitter
Right now, Lifetime is only narrowing down the Season 2 premiere date to “early summer.”

Have you heard the rumor about Maura Tierney and the ‘Prime Suspect’ pilot? That would rock. – tarasproles via Twitter
I agree, Tierney would serve nicely as the star of NBC’s adaptation of the Helen Mirren-fronted BBC crime drama – and as of Monday night, she was still in the running. Could it be that onetime frontrunner Julianne Moore’s dreadful ’30 Rock’ Boston accent scared off the jury? I know I’m still having nightmares.

Any info on ‘Supernatural‘s 100th episode? – Jason
Only that the title for the milestone hour is ‘Point of No Return,’ and it’s being filmed as… we… type.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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