‘Bachelor’ Shockers: The Return Of Ali, And Tenley “Withheld” What?!

Ali/Tenley from The Bachelor (ABC)

Ali/Tenley from The Bachelor (ABC)

Ali Fedotowsky is going to fight to reclaim her man. Big surprise? Hardly. On Monday’s show, we watched the 25-year-old ad exec come to the agonizing decision to sacrifice the prospect of love to save her job, inadvertently making ‘Bachelor’ history by prompting no rose ceremony.

Regardless, Chris Harrison reassures Ali fans that the couple’s fate is hardly over. “We haven’t seen or heard the last from Ali,” he tells E! News. “I think everyone saw that it was unresolved when she left. You could tell that they both definitely were falling in love with each other, if not already. And so we take off for St. Lucia, but they’re definitely not done talking about this with each other.”

On last season’s ‘Bachelorette,’ Ed Swiderski made the same premature exit with Jillian Harris but came back to win her heart. Perhaps she might have a fighting chance, especially since–out of the remaining bachelorettes–she’s managed to keep her reputation intact. Not so much for Tenley Molzahn.

The latest tabloid fodder reports that the dancing queen isn’t as innocent and sweet as we think she is. According to US Magazine, Tenley’s ex-husband’s new fiancee claims that the college admissions rep “withheld” sex from him and forbade him to see his parents. However, friends of the bachelorette say the reports are rubbish.

So what do you think of all this? Does Ali have a chance at making up for lost time and winning Jake’s affections? And should the gossip pages have any affect on Jake’s decisions?

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