Bear Grylls’ Greatest Hits: The Raw Food Montage!

Bear Grylls (Discovery Channel)

Bear Grylls (Discovery Channel)

Is there nothing Bear Grylls won’t eat?

Don’t answer that.

Just in time for tonight’s special “behind-the-scenes” episode of ‘Man Vs. Wild‘ (9 p.m.) the fine folks at the Discovery Channel have compiled a highlight-reel of all the raw food (mmm, delectable!) Grylls and his adventurous crew have eaten over six seasons of wilderness trekking.

And yes, that list includes live frog and fresh goat’s testicles.

Recently Discovery Channel announced the six-episode order of ‘Worst Case Scenario,’ which will feature Grylls offering advice to viewers who find themselves in “life threatening” situations.

“Grylls teaches the audience at home that you don’t have to be a Navy Seal or a stuntman to survive these intense situations – you just have to be prepared, use basic common sense, and learn how to not panic,” Discovery president Clark Bunting said in a statement.

The range of “intense situations” covered will include how to avoid getting killed by a shark, how to escape a sinking car – or a high-rise apartment fire, how to survive a mountain lion attack, and a personal favorite – how to escape injury after falling down a flight of stairs.

‘Worst Case Scenario’ is scheduled to air this spring.

Watch the clip from tonight’s episode below. Warning to the squeamish – probably best to watch on an empty stomach!

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