Internet Rallies Around Hollywood’s ‘Golden Girl’ Betty White

Betty White's Super Bowl Ad Made Everyone Snicker

Betty White's Super Bowl Ad Made Everyone Snicker

Betty White is dancing in the end zone after her Super Bowl ad scored big time on Sunday, and the extra point should be a lock for the ‘Golden Girl’ who is hotter than ever–at 88 years old!

Perez Hilton is positively gushing over the hype surrounding White since the wickedly funny football spot she filmed for Snickers has gone viral on the Web and is widely acclaimed as the fan favorite from the dozens that aired. In fact, there’s so much buzz, even Facebook is getting in on the act.

Only three days in and there’s already more than 110,000 supporters for a bid to vote demanding that Betty White host on Saturday Night Live this season. Not bad for an actress with a career that spans more than six decades.

Watch the Golden Girl Get Pummeled Below:

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Working continually since the ’40s, Betty has done it all, starting as a model, working her way through radio, breaking through with early TV and on to melting hearts as not one, but two, television icons. Her first brush with fan favedom came as Sue Ann Nivens, ‘The Happy Homemaker’ on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

It was the first time America got a look at the matronly sexpot who put on a sweet face for audiences, while chewing up and spitting out men in her private life. All for laughs, of course.

But Betty White will be forever remembered as Rose Nylund, the terminally naive senior with an insatiable appetite for optimism on the smash NBC hit “The Golden Girls” which earned her an acting Emmy in her rookie season and a nomination for every year it was on the air between 1985 and 1992.

Blessed with an eternally sweet smile camouflaging flawless comedic timing, White proved once again in the Super Bowl commercial that she’s still got what it takes to roll with the punchlines–while getting just dirty enough to be both naughty and nice. To prove it, she gave up the best line to another agelessly hilarious TV veteran, Abe Vigoda, to close out the gag.

Hopefully Lorne Michaels gets the message before ‘SNL’ closes out its current season. No worries though. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Betty White, it’s that she’s always in her prime.

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