MTV Cancels Mexico Airing Of ‘South Park’ Episode

South Park "Pinewood Derby" (Comedy Central)

South Park "Pinewood Derby" (Comedy Central)

MEXICO CITY– President Felipe Calderon’s ‘South Park‘ cameo will have to wait.

MTV says it canceled the airing in Mexico of an episode in which a caricature of Calderon appears in front of a Mexican flag.

The network says it needs permission from the government to show the episode inside Mexico because of a law stating the flag and other national symbols must be handled with respect. There is a 52,590 peso ($4,900) fine for violating the law.

The episode, titled ‘Pinewood Derby,’ had been scheduled to run Monday.

MTV explained its decision in a statement Tuesday, apologizing to Mexican fans of the irreverent cartoon show.

Interior Ministry spokesman Luis Estrada said the government hasn’t received a request from MTV for permission to air the episode.

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