George Gets a Birthday ‘Striptease’ Surprise on ‘GMA’

by | February 11, 2010 at 10:26 AM | TV News

George Stephanopoulos Got a 49th Birthday Surprise on 'GMA' (ABC)

George Stephanopoulos Got a 49th Birthday Surprise on 'GMA' (ABC)

Color us embarrassed … for everyone. On Wednesday morning’s ‘Good Morning America,’ political pundit-turned-morning host George Stephanopoulos received a very, ahem, special 49th birthday present from his wife Ali Wentworth: an on-air striptease.

The couple’s public private moment came as actress-comedian Wentworth, dressed in disguise as former ‘GMA’ co-host Diane Sawyer, appeared on the show. She ripped off her Sawyer-esque wig, climbed on the anchor’s desk, and shouted to her hubby, “George, I never ever ever get to see you at home! I love you, I shaved my legs and made you a steak. Happy birthday baby!”

She then explained, “They made me keep my clothes on.”

After the awkward uproar of laughs, the camera cut to a confused Diane Sawyer (the real one, who was playing along), at the ABC World News anchor desk, who then wished her ‘GMA’ replacement a much more subdued but thoughtful birthday greeting.

Echoing the thoughts of many in the audience and watching at home, Stephanopoulos responded by giggling, “How am I gonna top this at 50?”