Will Valentine’s Day Help a ‘Community’ Coupling?

Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs (NBC)

Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs (NBC)

This week on NBC’s ‘Community‘ (Thursdays at 8/7c), a Valentine’s Day dance would seem to set the stage for romance – perhaps even between Jeff and Britta. But Cupid may find himself struggling to get a clear shot.

For starters, Joel McHale tells us, “Jeff is with Slater,” the pretty professor (played by ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ alumna Lauren Stamille) he’s been seeing since the Halloween episode.

Britta, meanwhile, is not big on getting her love on at the Greendale soiree for two reasons. “She’s done a little drinking, and is now battling a hangover,” Gillian Jacobs explains. “Besides, it’s probably not her favorite holiday of the year.”

Whatever the case, a series of events is set in motion by a drunken phone call between Jeff and Britta – a conversation that can best be described as “awkward.” (As Danny Pudi shared with us, at one point the episode finds “Jeff and Abed in my dorm room, talking about girls. And there’s possibly some drinking.”)

Will the fallout of said phoner ultimately push Jeff and Britta a bit closer to romance, or drive a new wedge ‘tween the two? Both McHale and Jacobs foresee the would-be lovebirds playing the waiting game a while longer.

“Without tension, there’s not a lot of comedy to mine,” Jacobs notes. “Missteps and awkward moments and rejection are all-important to a show like this.”

Similarly, McHale says that pairing up the snarky duo during the comedy’s freshman season “would be wildly anticlimactic.” Instead, he winks, “Hopefully we’ll be talking about [their hook-up] in Season 6!”

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