Weekend Movie Guide: Valentine’s Day

Here’s a sampling of the love stories you can watch this weekend to put yourself in the holiday spirit of hearts and candy and warm fuzzies.


Watch Tonight: Love Happens
Aaron Eckhart is a self-help author still struggling to help himself to find love again, until Jennifer Aniston comes along and helps him mend his heart. If only someone could mend Jen’s – someone that’s not John Mayer.

Watch Anytime This Weekend: The Time Traveler’s Wife
Rachel McAdams is a woman who falls in love with a man (Eric Bana) cursed to travel through time by means beyond his control. Could you love a guy who keeps vanishing on you?


Watch If You Get Dumped: He’s Just Not That Into You
Justin Long, Drew Barrymore, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Connelly and Ben Affleck star in this ensemble romantic comedy that’s all about how to tell when you’re not in love anymore, and what you have to do about it. Here’s a hint: don’t linger.

Watch on Saturday: P.S. I Love You
Hilary Swank is a heartbroken widow who is guided on the path to recovery from her loss thanks to an elaborate plan from her late husband (Gerard Butler). It helps when you can go to Scotland and meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Watch on Saturday Afternoon: Love in the Time of Cholera
Javier Bardem stars as a man who loses the love of his life (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) to a wealthier man (Benjamin Bratt), but waits for decades for the chance to win her back. In the meantime, he has a copious amount of coitus.

Tell Your Mom To Watch: Nights in Rodanthe
Richard Gere and Diane Lane are troubled ships passing in the night at a North Carolina inn who find themselves forever changed by their relationship. Beaches and oceans and inclement weather are always conducive to romance.

Watch Valentine’s Night: Iris
The story of novelist and philospher Iris Murdoch (Judi Dench) and her lifelong romance with John Bayley (Jim Broadbent) from their college days to their battle with Alzheimer’s. Broadbent won the Oscar for his role, and many say Dench should have, too.

Tell Your Dad To Watch: Last Chance Harvey
Dustin Hoffman loses his job and gets cast aside at his own daughter’s wedding, but manages to find his chance to change his life when he meets a lonely Emma Thompson in an airport bar. But there’s also her smothering mother to deal with.


Watch Online Now: The Last Time I Saw Paris
Van Johnson and Elizabeth Taylor fall in love in the aftermath of World War II, but challenges abound that put that love to the ultimate test, including financial struggles and creative woes. Don’t miss Donna Reed and Eva Gabor in supporting roles.

Watch Multiple Times: His Girl Friday
Cary Grant is a newspaper editor secretly trying to win back the love of his hard-nose reporter ex-wife (Rosalind Russell) while undermining her impending marriage by giving her a scoop she can’t refuse. This fast-paced comedy is right up Grant’s suave and debonair alley.

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