Rena Sofer To Woo Both Booth And Gibbs?

(Peter Kramer/Getty Images/FOX/CBS)

(Peter Kramer/Getty Images/FOX/CBS)

Rena Sofer just may be the luckiest lady in Hollywood right now. After all, who else can lay claim to possible on-screen romances with two of TV’s most eligible crime solvers, FBI agent Sealy Booth (played by David Boreanaz) and NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon)?

Sofer this year has twice appeared on CBS’ ‘NCIS‘ as Margaret Alison Hart, a tough-as-nails attorney who when last seen seemed poised to show Gibbs her softer side. Her recurring run continues with the hit procedural’s March 2nd episode, suggesting that Margaret may be the new love interest for Gibbs that series boss Shane Brennan has been teasing.

That is, unless Booth steals her away. Sofer will pop up on Fox’s ‘Bones‘ in late April as Dr. Catherine Klein, a marine biologist who asks Brennan to weigh in on a mysterious shark attack. Klein then gets hungry for a bite as well, pulling Booth aside to ask: “Would you like to go out sometime? Maybe this weekend?”

Booth will at first deflect the overture… but only until the professional business that brought him and Catherine together is finished!

Folks, do we have a hot and unusual TV love triangle on tap? Will Sofer get lucky on rival networks, with both Bones and Gibbs?

Right now, it is anybody’s guess. A CBS insider could not confirm that Sofer’s ‘NCIS’ business will be completed after her March 2 visit. Over on ‘Bones,’ meanwhile, her role as Catherine is considered to be “potentially recurring” and not limited to that first flirtatious April appearance.

Ladies out there, who would you choose if you were in Sofer’s shoes – Booth or Gibbs?

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