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Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send you questions. Here now the scoop!

The Big Bang Theory‘ is so deserving of its latest all-time high ratings. Do you have scoop on what’s coming up? – Jeff
I did ask Simon Helberg about the episode I previously teased, in which the boys get their hands on a prop ring used in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy and argue about what to do with it. While most of the gang hopes to literally cash in on the rare piece of memorabilia, “Sheldon wants the powers of the ring, the Precious,” Helberg said. The debate ultimately “tears us apart and makes monsters of us all” – perhaps literally, if exec producer Bill Prady’s recent tweet about the sitcom employing an “awesome special effect” is related. Whatever the case, Helberg promises “an amazing parody.”

What’s going on with Charlie’s wedding on ‘Two and a Half Men‘? Is it off? – William
Hardly. In the episode airing March 1, Charlie runs off to Vegas and comes back with a new wife in tow. Thing is, his blushing bride won’t be Chelsea (played by Jennifer Bini Taylor). In that same episode, Stacy Keach will reprise his role of Chelsea’s dad while John Amos (“Men In Trees”) guest stars as pop’s boyfriend.

Bones‘ is one of my favorite shows and I can’t wait for the 100th episode, but they really need to bring Zack back for good! The show isn’t the same without him. – Rachel
I hear your cry – it’s one shared by many – but Eric Millegan’s April 8 encore does not portend a full-time return. “I have no plans to bring him back as a regular,” says series boss Hart Hanson. “The ‘squintern’ thing is working very well for us, which is why it happened in the first place – to bring more and more stories into the lab. And that’s going to be more and more necessary as time goes on in ‘Bones.’ For production reasons, we need stories in the lab, and the rotating interns provide that.”

The Booth-Rena Sofer news has me in a funk. Any ‘Bones’ news to cheer me up? – Debby
For what it’s worth, Booth isn’t the only one whose social calendar is filling up. It looks like Cam’s getting a new man soon – and he’s a doctor no less!

Since Marsha Thomason is coming back to ‘White Collar’ (as junior FBI agent Diana Lancing), what does that mean for Natalie Morales (aka agent Lauren Cruz)? – Alicia
What it means, alas, is that Natalie’s run as a series regular ends with the USA Network drama’s March 9 season finale. “As we move into second season, we’re looking for new opportunities for storylines,” a network rep tells me. “But we always the welcome the opportunity to have Natalie return as a special guest in the future.”

Have you got a happy scoop on ‘Smallville‘s Lois and Clark? I hope they’re not heading for a break-up, as some are thinking. Please reassure me. – WendySue
Yeesh, who is thinking that? Not only are they a couple through “Escape,” but romance is still on the table when Mrs. K (played by Annette O’Toole) resurfaces toward season’s end. “Martha is coming back at a time when Lois and Clark are still trying to figure out their relationship,” says exec producer Brian Peterson, “and doing that under mother’s watchful eye is going to present a new dynamic for them.”

What happened to ‘Lie to Me‘ on Fox? – Holly
It’s still on its winter/spring hiatus, and “the return air date is still unknown,” series creator Shawn Ryan recently Tweeted. His best guess is that Season 2 will resume “in May/June.”

Chris Lowell said a while ago in an interview that Private Practice‘s Dell was going to become angry and bitter after what happened in “Blowups.” Is that still happening? – Alicia
I assumed that Dell’s trip to that dark place conveniently started and ended with that episode about his new wife’s tragic death, but a show insider isn’t ruling out the possibility of a late-season flare-up. Me, I’d prefer to see the boy bounce back with some shiny, happy romance. And so would Lowell. “Wouldn’t that be nice? I mean, what the hell?!” the actor said with a laugh. “He’s the young single guy on the show, and he delivers babies for chrissake. Chicks love that!”

I was wondering if you have heard anything about ‘NCIS‘ ever going to Blu-ray, and if so when that might be? – Matthew
If you like your Cote de Pablo in 1080p, your only option is to cozy up to an high-def broadcast. Gord Lacey of explains that putting the occasional TV series on Blu-ray hasn’t proven to be reliably successful, “so studios are less willing to take chances on releasing product on the format. What seems to sell [on Blu-ray] are the sci-fi shows, and even that can be hit-and-miss.”

Thank you so much for the Nick Offerman interview. ‘Parks and Recreation‘ is my favorite new comedy, and Ron Swanson I find oddly appealing! – Joan
Appealing, eh? Then you might want to try this scooplet on for size: Later this season, “We may delve more deeply into Ron’s sordid, secret love life,” Offerman told me.

Any interesting news on Will and Emma in ‘Glee‘s back 9? – Armando
Though I previously hinted that Will’s disgraced wife will fight the world’s most adorable germaphobe for her man, don’t expect that to happen right off the bat. First, Jessalyn Gilsig told me, “She needs to take a break from it all and find herself a little bit. There’s the Teri who Will fell in love with and she lost sight of it. She’s got to get back to who that person is.”

Is there any chance ‘Leverage‘ will keep both Jeri Ryan and Gina Bellman? Please? – Stephen
I appreciate your appreciation of the pretty, Stephen, but prepare to say ta-ta to Tara. In this week’s season finale, “There’s a really good way in which things with her character are resolved – or not resolved,” Tim Hutton teases.

I love reading your “live” Tweets during ‘Modern Family.’ Last week’s episode was hysterical! But will poor Manny’s luck ever change? – Alyce
Nah, it looks like Manny forever will be the heartbreak kid. Take for example an upcoming episode in which we learn that as good as the lad is at fencing, he’s utterly inept at basketball. That will lead to a surprising someone taking over as his team’s hoops coach.

How are the ratings for ‘Life Unexpected‘? It’s my favorite new show but since it was a mid-season replacement, I’m worried! Any insight? – Sara via Facebook
The CW’s ‘LUX’ might want to seek emancipation from the Nielsen ratings system, because frankly it’s numbers have been disappointing. After debuting to 2.7 million viewers, Cate, Baze et al are now lucky to give two million peeps the warm fuzzies. That said, I’d put the show’s chances for renewal at 50 percent; 85 percent if they turn Ryan into a vampire.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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