‘The Bachelor’: Rozlyn Rips Chris, Vienna’s Other Man, & ‘The Women Tell All’

Rozlyn and Vienna on The Bachelor (ABC)

Rozlyn and Vienna on The Bachelor (ABC)

Is it us or has this season of ‘The Bachelor‘ been getting an unusual amount of love bombs from the tabloids? (Or it could just be that it’s been a slow news day for them for the past two months.) In any case, here are a few more morsels of ‘Bachelor’ dysfunction for you to chew on.

The New York Post reports that alleged two-timer Rozlyn Papa will unleash her fury as she tells her side of the story in next week’s ‘The Women Tell All’ special and will pull a few, hard punches at Chris Harrison. The 28-year-old single mom claims she wasn’t “nice” to the long-time host, especially in an incident in which he tells her it was difficult to see his friend/producer leave the show, following the “inappropriate relationship” shared by Papa and the show’s producer. “I said, ‘It’s funny you should say that because I talk to this producer and the fact that you guys are friends is news to him. He didn’t get a really friendly vibe when you were hitting on his wife last year in New Zealand!’ ” she says.

Although the final version of the show hasn’t been fully edited yet, Rozlyn says her unrelenting verbal smackdowns “pissed” Chris off and compelled producers to pull her off the stage. Interestingly, she doesn’t discuss how she dealt with the other bachelorettes who tattled on her.

In more scandalous Vienna Girardi news, US Magazine claims that the Floridian babe was obsessed with her ex-boyfriend, Lee Smith, and after taping the show, had furiously stormed into his bedroom–with a wine bottle in-hand–while he was sleeping alongside his new girlfriend. Sources say that when the two were an item, it was Smith who connected Vienna to the ‘Bachelor’ casting director and that she had solely gone on the show to become famous.

With that said, expect next week’s ‘The Women Tell All’ to be naughtier than nice–with a little bit of cheese factor. The episode will bring back all the controversial contestants, their beef with one another, and put Jake in the hot seat as he faces them one last time. But anger and jealousy will turn sappy when we get to see updates on past bachelors and bachelorettes and their charitable causes.

Watch a clip of Jake and Vienna from this past Monday night’s episode:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Bachelor/5385/1414251005/Time-to-walk-the-plank/embed 580 476]

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