‘Two and a Half Men’ in Trouble, Along with Sheen?

Charlie Sheen of 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)

Charlie Sheen of 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)

Hollywood’s on-and-off bad boy Charlie Sheen might soon have to apologize not only to a Colorado judge for his Christmas offenses, but also to CBS executives now that a possible prison sentence is threatening the future of ‘Two and a Half Men.’

The LA Times looks at the possible situation CBS could find itself in should Sheen get sentenced to jail, as the actor is facing up to three years on felony menacing charges for assaulting his wife over the holidays.

No one at the network is talking, nor is Sheen, but according to the Times, CBS’s most-watched show (nearly 15 million viewers this season) faces uneasy executives come May’s upfronts when they will have to pitch a fall lineup that incorporates the uncertain ‘Men.’

Of course, Sheen’s situation doesn’t just involve stuffy network executives, but also his wife, Brooke Mueller, who checked herself into rehab last Tuesday for substance abuse following a fairly recent stint in a North Carolina “wellness program,” reports People.

As for Sheen’s chances in court, a Loyola Law School professor told the Times the actor won’t get an easy ride from the judge. “You don’t want to be a celebrity in the post-O.J. era. Judges have gotten sick and tired of celebrity justice.”

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