‘CSI: NY’ Sets the Stage for a Killer Comeback

Edward Furlong on 'CSI:NY' (Cliff Lipson/CBS)

Edward Furlong on 'CSI:NY' (Cliff Lipson/CBS)

Make no mistake, Shane Casey will strike again on ‘CSI: NY’ – and even sooner than expected.

As played by Edward Furlong, the slipper serial killer “will be a part of the Season 6 finale, and a cliffhanger you won’t want to miss,” exec producer Pam Veasey told me previously.

Furlong’s sure-to-be-chilling encore, though, can’t wait for May. Instead, I am told that Casey will resurface in a mid-April episode of the CBS drama – the same one in which ‘Lost’ alum Harold Perrineau guests as a death row inmate who lures Hawkes to the state pen.

In what is sure to be an “event” episode, a prison riot breaks out while Hawkes in there, trapping the lawman with all manner of societal dregs. It’s a recipe for disaster, to be sure.

What’s more, there will be strong hints that Casey – who gave the CSIs a chill when the supposedly incarcerated killer’s prints inexplicably turned up on Danny’s stolen dog tags – has a hand in the madness.

“A vendetta is definitely at play,” a show insider tells me. And remember, it will feed into the obviously must-see season-ender.

‘CSI: NY’ returns with fresh episodes on Wednesday, March 3.

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