Kris Allen To Sing “Let It Be” On Thursday’s ‘Idol’

Kris Allen (Getty)

Kris Allen (Getty)

Season-eight ‘American Idol‘ champion Kris Allen will return to the site of his triumph on Thursday’s show, but he isn’t expecting a coronation ceremony. Instead, he’s donating his musical talents for a good cause.

Allen just returned from the earthquake-stricken nation of Haiti, where he assisted the United Nations. He helped distribute food to residents and played with local children, and he even performed “Amazing Grace” for some mothers and children in a womens’ shelter.

“I got to go into this womens’ tent, and it felt like a really safe place,” he told reporters on Monday. “They were taking care of their babies which are like from newborn to two [years old]. I got to sing a song for them and hold a couple of babies. They just seemed so happy. “

On Thursday, he’ll perform the Beatles’ classic song “Let It Be” while ‘Idol’ spotlights the tragic events of Jan. 12. Downloads of his performance will be available at the iTunes Store after the show, and proceeds will go to the Idol Gives Back Foundation, which will then funnel money toward the UN’s relief efforts.

“When you see something like that, it definitely affects you,” Allen said. “It makes you want to do something to help those people. I think it’s just an innate human quality, when you see people hurting, you want to help them.”

Season eight fourth-place finisher Allison Iraheta will also be on hand for the first elimination episode of 2010, during which four contestants will be sent home. Has Allen picked any favorites yet?

“I’ve seen a couple of people,” he said. “I’ll pay attention more when I meet them on Thursday.”

And what sort of advice will he give the contestants, having been where they’ll be standing only a year ago?

“Just go out and do your best. That’s a pretty general thing to say, but I think [the contestants] need to hear that.”

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