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Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send you questions. Here now the scoop!

Did you enjoy the ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ ‘Time Warp’ episode? I thought Ellis was badass (until she turned Richard into an alcoholic). – MarryMeOwen via Twitter
I agree that Sarah Paulson was spot-on as Ellis, and I so would watch a prequel series starring her. That said, Thatcher’s ‘fro is still giving me bad dreams. P.S. As you probably saw, Shonda did a great job Tweeting a lot of the “Easter eggs” hidden in the flashbacks, e.g. little Mer’s “Anatomy Jane” doll.

Any good news for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Mark and Lexie fans? Will we see them back together anytime soon? – Tasha
Not just yet, sorry. Instead, Mark will find his attention diverted by another female doctor when the show returns with fresh episodes on March 4.

Do you know anything about the ‘Grey’s’ episode “Suicide Is Painless”? Sounds like Owen’s PTSD is gong to be revisited. – COforever via Twitter
Yes, that March/April entry – fittingly named after the ‘M*A*S*H’ theme song – is the same Iraq War flashback episode I told you about a few weeks ago. I would get ready for Kevin McKidd to blow the doors off the place.

Do you have any scoop on my favorite drama, ‘NCIS‘? – James
What do you get when you cross Tony and McGee with a Playboy Playmate? The answer comes on March 16, when onetime centerfold Shanna Moakler guest-stars as the girlfriend of a Navy diver who dies under mysterious circumstances. Also on ‘NCIS,’ I’ve been told that Rena Sofer will definitely appear in episodes beyond March 2, so it’s looking like there wont be much distance between whatever she’s got going with Gibbs and whatever she gets going on with ‘Bones’ Booth.

I’m dying to know what’s coming up for ‘The Mentalist‘s Rigsby and Van Pelt! Are they going to get back together or have they really broken up? – Michela
That office romance’s easier days may very well be behind it. A source tells me that when the new CBI boss arrives in late March/early April (played by ‘True Blood’s Aunjanue Ellis), she will swiftly uncover any and all “interpersonal relationships” between team members. To put it kindly, she doesn’t like what she finds.

Any hope for another season of ‘24‘? – Josue
There had been talk that ’24’s renewal would be informed by its latest ratings, but the truth is that any dips this or last week won’t figure into the decision, due to the heavy-duty Olympics competition. Regardless, Fox does have quite the Sophie’s Choice coming up, since it’s not likely to renew ’24,’ ‘Fringe,’ ‘Lie to Me’ and ‘Human Target.’ Which would you cut? To the ’24’ skeptics, know this: As suggested last night, any B-stories that have you groaning will die down by spring, clearing the way for a tight second half. And on the guest star front, Stephen Root (‘Office Space’) turns up soon as a parole officer with really bad timing, while Emmy nominee Gregory Itzin is due for an encore as President Charles Logan.

I heard that Eddie Cahill, who plays Det. Don Flack on ‘CSI: NY,’ has been cast in a new pilot about lawyers. Is that true? Is he leaving ‘CSI: NY’? Please, please tell me, I need to know! – Laura
This development season does seem to be claiming a lot of otherwise employed actors – ’24’s Katee Sackhoff, ‘Scrubs’ Donald Faison and ‘Better Off Ted’s Jay Harrington, to name just a few. Cahill, however, is not one of them. The rumor is “definitely not true,” his rep tells me.

Why wasn’t Kate’s name on the cave wall on last week’s ‘Lost‘? Was it there and we just didn’t see it? – Dev
I was among those who wanted to believe that, if only for the sake of saving time, Smokey simply didn’t show us each and every single Flight 815er’s name. But I would be wrong. A source close to the show tells me yes, we are very much supposed to wonder why Ms. Austen is not among the “candidates” to replace Jacob.

Can you please give some scoop on ‘The Good Wife‘? – shinygilmore via Twitter
Frankly, March 2 cannot get her soon enough. I mean, have you seen the promo? So, not only will we finally see how Alicia and Peter play house (arrest) under tense circumstances, and not only will Zach’s mom get wind of the “independent investigation” he’s been running, but over in the courtroom Alicia’s firm will try to defend someone accused of murdering an associate of Bernie Madoff’s. (You snooze, you lose, ‘Law & Order.’)

Any hints of ‘Castle‘ and Beckett getting romantically closer this season? – Debra
I think it’s safe to say they’ll get a wink-wink, nudge-nudge in the right direction in the March 8 episode. That case will find the crime solvers slipping into New York’s underground world of sexual domination, serving up plenty of juicy fodder for their already charged relationship.

I’m dying for scoop from ‘The Middle‘ and ‘V‘! – Victor
That’s… quite the combo! The good news for ‘The Middle’s Axl is that he’s getting a new girlfriend, and she’s played by ‘Spy’ Kid Alexa Vega. The bad news: She’s gonna drop him like an AT&T 3G signal. That leaves Mom and Dad to mend their eldest’s broken heart. Over on ‘V,’ exec producer Scott Rosenbaum told TV Guide Magazine that the actual birth of Ryan and Valerie’s alien baby won’t hold a candle to the little thing’s gestational antics. Wild child, indeed!

Matt, what is the second episode that Tom Welling will be directing this season on ‘Smallville‘? – Scarlett
Something happened after Tom announced at last summer’s Comic-Con that he’d be directing twice – dude got superbusy, both as a producer of ‘Smallville’ and the cheerleading drama pilot of his that The CW just picked up. So as of right now, one source tells me, Tom sadly isn’t on the schedule to direct again this season.

Was ‘Past Life‘ already canceled before I could even watch it? – Poetic_line via Twitter
Afraid so – and I called this one about halfway through my first screening of the pilot. The upside is that Kelli Giddish is now free to, I dunno, join ABC’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’ remake. (That’s just me wishing, BTW.) Interestingly, another Thursday newbie fared just as poorly: ABC’s ‘The Deep End‘ (aka ‘Grey’s Attorney’) will air its series finale this week.

Did you find out who will be playing Holly in the ‘Brothers & Sisters‘ flashback episodes? – tvmadman via Twitter
The role of William’s oh-so-famous dalliance went to… Brianne Davis (‘Prom Night’). Speaking of the Walker patriarch, Daniel Cosgrove had to bow out of the two-hour flashback outing (airing April 11), so the circa 1973/1986 William is now being played by Colin Egglesfield (who, as a side note, makes his final ‘Melrose Place’ appearance on March 9).

I know ‘Entourage‘ is still a ways away, but are you hearing anything about the new season yet? – Jeffrey
Poor Turtle, ever struggling to get his own career off the ground, is going to unwittingly ally with some very shady individuals when he pitches Vince as the face of a new tequila… without Vince’s blessing.

Why ABC hasn’t announced a premiere date for ‘Romantically Challenged‘? Is this a bad sign? – canuk75 via Twitter
No, it’s just a matter of waiting for the right place to open up on ABC’s schedule, plus getting enough episodes in the can. “The show is shaping up well,” a friend on the set assures me. “It is very funny.” Even better, it’s very Alyssa Milano-y.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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