What To Watch: Tuesday

TOP PICK:American Idol‘ (8pm ET on Fox)

The Top 12 female semifinalists take the stage for the first time to perform live for the judges and for the nation. On this season’s first night of voting, the contestants will sing their hearts out in hopes of winning America’s vote and surviving another week in the competition.

KEY EPISODE:Lost‘ (9pm ET on ABC)

Hurley must convince Jack to accompany him on an unspecified mission, and Jin stumbles across an old friend. Guest starring are Veronica Hamel as Margo Shephard, Mark Pellegrino as Jacob, and Hiroyuki Sanada as Dogen.

WATCH:Dirty Jobs‘ (9pm on Discovery)

With an upcoming hiatus, Mike’s on a mission to find himself and each of his crewmates the perfect job in the season finale. Using never before seen behind-the-scenes footage, Mike takes a humorous look back at each crewmember’s valuable role in bringing ‘Dirty Jobs’ to life.

DVR:The Forgotten‘ (10pm ET on ABC)

When a city train derails, there are dozens of injuries and several bodies found in the wreckage. But one of the female victims remains unidentified. The Forgotten Network follows her journey, which leads them to a secret society of roving nightclubs. Was Jane Doe killed in the crash, or is someone using a city’s tragedy to cover up an even deeper mystery that led to her death?

DVR:The Little Couple‘ (10pm on TLC)

In the season finale, it’s moving day for Jen and Bill into their temporary rental. Things get crazy when Bill loses his watch that Jen gave him on their anniversary and when Rocky sneaks under the fence of their new backyard. Will the move be more problems than solutions?

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