Perez Hilton Petitions to be Next ‘Idol’ Judge

Gossip Blogger Perez Hilton (John Shearer/Getty Images for MOCA)

Gossip Blogger Perez Hilton (John Shearer/Getty Images for MOCA)

Someone thinks Simon Cowell isn’t the only snarky judge in town.

With the race on to find a replacement for Judge Dread next season on ‘American Idol,’ at least one candidate is throwing his tiara in the ring.

No, we don’t mean the ‘King of All Media’ Howard Stern.

Enter Perez Hilton.

The caustic, brilliant and occasionally controversial gay gossip columnist created a new funny or DIE video that, in the span of just 90 seconds, more than makes the case for why he should be chosen for the gig.

Presented as an election-style political ad, America’s self-proclaimed ‘Queen Of All Media’ sets forth the reasons why he’d be perfect for the job … he’s an eclectic mix of all past and present judges:

~He’s Fiercely Honest (like Simon Cowell)

~He’s Affably Wacky (like Ellen DeGeneres)

~He’s Entertainingly Unstable (like Paula Abdul)

Not one to rest on his laurels, Hilton closes with the best reason why he’s the right candidate for the job: He’s a Gay Man.

That’s right. As Hilton himself puts it, “Nobody has snarky opinions on singing like a proud homo.”

Checking the record, he’s got a point. After all, Hilton came out of nowhere to become a media darling despite his skimpy reporting, atrocious graphics and questionable sources. But those things haven’t stopped him from rising to the top. That’s because he’s really funny. In a “cruel to be kind” sort of way. Just like Simon….

The Next ‘American Idol’ Judge: Perez Hilton? You can check out the Funny or Die clip here.

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