Mary Murphy: Don’t Compare Me to Simon Cowell

Mary Muphy and Simon Cowell (FOX)

Mary Muphy and Simon Cowell (FOX)

Being called the other Simon Cowell? The horror.

“I really did just scream,” Mary Murphy, judge of ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ says of drawing comparisons between her judging style and the acerbic style of Simon Cowell, who will be leaving ‘American Idol’ after this season.

“I turned to my friends and I am like, ‘I am not anything like him! I am not mean. I would never say it like that,'” Murphy told Fancast at Thursday’s Heroes for Haiti benefit party in Hollywood, which she co-hosted with ‘Extra’ host Jerry Penacoli. “I was like, ‘What?!’ … I would say it in a way that was constructive criticism.”

She adds, “Sometimes, he has a very harsh way of talking.”

Murphy, who will begin her seventh season judging ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ on the May premiere, says she has been compared to Cowell in some media reports.

“The very first season [in 2005], they tried to tout me as being the next Simon Cowell, and I was just horrified by that statement in the press,” Murphy says. “I do think that I am a fair judge. I see things in a humorous way.”

Cowell, as Sony’s new half-billion-dollar man, is due to exit ‘Idol’ after this season. Who will replace him is still to be determined. Murphy says it won’t be her.

“No – I mean, if you’re looking for another me, they’re not going to pick me!” Murphy says with a laugh. “I think that they will probably need somebody more like that, instead of more nice people. I don’t think it would work!”

Murphy explains, “I’m not going to do ‘Idol’ any time soon. I can’t sing a lick for one thing. Not going to ‘Idol.’ Although they could twist my arm. You know, Ellen [DeGeneres] did it. Why not?”

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