Opening Wide: Cop Out vs. The Crazies

Here’s what’s opening in movie theaters across the country today. We’ve got Kevin Smith’s homage to buddy-cop movies with Cop Out, as well as a twist on the zombie flick with the updated remake of The Crazies. Also opening in selected cities is Woody Harrelson’s cool and weird superhero flick Defendor. Take a closer look at them all below.

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Cop Out
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Kevin Smith pays tribute to the classic buddy-cop comedy by teaming veteran on-screen officer Bruce Willis with the ridiculously insane Tracy Morgan. They’re two NYPD officers who find themselves up against an obsessive gangster whose stolen a priceless baseball card while also protecting a murder witness, so they recruit the help of a stoner thief (Seann William Scott).

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The Crazies
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Timothy Olyphant is the sheriff of a small town called Ogden Marsh, and he’s forced to deal with a terrifying mystery that’s causing the mild-mannered residents of the town to lose their minds and become murderously insane in this remake of zombie-master George A. Romero’s 1973 horror classic.

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Woody Harrelson stars as Arthur Poppington, a somewhat slow construction worker who spends his nights patrolling the streets in his own superhero guise of Defendor. His mission is to hunt down his archvillain Captain Industry, who may or may not actually exist. Kat Dennings is the junkie prostitute that falls into his life after he goes head to head against corrupt cop Elias Koteas.

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